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Sunday, January 22, 2017

a Mark Baumer greatest hit
😢 Mark had sent me an email with an excerpt of one of his projects years ago and I can't find it in gmail :(
of course my video editing app is failing me for the first time all year today
I'm going to listen to this ~3.5-hour audiobook of Mark Baumer's Holiday Meat, which he recorded himself in true Mark Baumer fashion. I feel bad that I never bought this book (I think it's sold out now, but the ebook of I am a road is available here).

Today's forthcoming LIFECAST video is in dedication to Mark. Please donate to the cause Mark was championing at youcaring.com/barefoot if you can.

Autofill results after "sponge"—lol.

RIP Mark Baumer

I'm feeling pretty devastated right now. There was no bigger creative influence in my life than the writer and artist and poet Mark Baumer. His daily dispatches were a true highlight of my day. Mark was struck and kicked by a car walking across america raising awareness and money for climate change, and it's left me feeling insanely empty.

It isn't the $3000 the prophecy foretold, but 30-1 is still 30-1. Happy Championship Sunday.