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Thursday, October 4, 2018


When I think about all of the stuff (CONTENT!) I've deleted over the years, I get kinda sad. In my futile quest to 'organize everything' I must have sacrificed 𝓷 elements of art/data/writing/etc; I'm not even talking about things I've edited or recontextualized. I'm talking about shit I've straight-up trashed. It is a bummer because this new freewheelin' anything-goes spirit I've adopted in recent years (accepting the futility) would really appreciate the extra mess (I mean, the mess is already HUMONGOUS so I'm not sure why I feel this way, but––alaa––I do *sigh*)…

J • P • P • 2

Im using the FLICKR app on my Huawei phone

And loving every second of it! I'm truly one of a kind...

I re-broiled some leftover trout with my newfound squiggly friends (MUST WATCH!)

Yum Yum

†is Amazin'



when people say i am not an artist, not a "painter," please show them this, the album cover to my as yet to be titled 705th album (working title: 102-103). thank you.