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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Big(pig) thingsz r in the works, for me,, herein these pg's, as i full-ON devote my life to shitposting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ... .......THEORETIC NOVELS/POETRYPOEM BOOKS /((WHATEVER))) All going for the hot hot price of 1k $$$ each; available here W EEKLY_A SS !!! (i'll have that shit fully updated by tomorrow, promise is as promise does but the hardwork done been had! ªªªªªhhhhhhh, they scream (oh yea000000)

my hoop (hope) is to have dat web-page active wi/th other crap than sell the URL b/c go-daddy says it actually has value ???(?)–––≠eff if i know!–––then I'll continue the site for the rest of human history under a FREE_URL. In fact, FREE URLzzz from here on out. Scrupes monay!

solid rec

I've given it my best shot

SOlved a huGe work proBlem that Had BeeN buggin' me; now... time 2 CaLL iT a D A Y !