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Monday, February 5, 2018

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While I realize it wasn't really original in anyway, I could watch the Foles TD catch trick play all friggin' day. Just perfect execution.


Another year in the books. I wasn't as neat compiling my posts and such this year. But my overall ATS record was 113-130-13, which was 9 games worse than last year. Not great!

2017 PLAYOFFS n/a (didn't make "official" pix)
[Super Bowl LII props post]


Super Bowl LII Prop Bets

Yes, I realize how dumb it is that I am posting my prop bets after the Super Bowl (and I had some good ones this year too!) but that's what I'm doing. Posterity, etc. I've highlighted my winners. ENJOY FOLKS.
The rain had stopped and my neighbor Rocky was running across the street holding two mugs of beer, oddly stacked on top of each other, looking for someone to hug. His T-shirt was red and not green. Later, when he was hugging me, he mentioned something about his wife, who had died less than a year ago, and about how this shirt was for her (I didn't quite glean why). Then he asked me what my name was.

Imagine getting paid to be this bad at your job.

[let the record show that the final score of SBLII was Eagles 41 - Patriots 33]