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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Prototype. Z.
I think I can isolate some of my main problems in life to the fact that I don't routinely use a to-do list. I am super pro to-do lists. 
Twelve 31

I think this is a solid album name. I've always really liked those numbers
and how they look in sequence: 1231. I wish I could generate an a whole album
just by thinking really hard about the feelings of said album + designing
album art. That would be my preferred method for making music if––you know––it 
was doable within the constraints of our shared concrete reality.

Come at me bro

I lied about not doing a pod.

Gonna walk my dog, do the dishes then back to work for me! I find it so hard to focus sometimes. I just need to get 'caught up' but the state of 'caught up'-ness I desire seems fictional? Wassup with that? I find these weird rabbitholes of micro-obsessions that last 20-200min some days. It's truly horrible.

No podcasts today. Just text. Some shrimp content as well.
FWIW, I am working shirtless today FYI TBH (TMI).
Qigong seems very good. I have struggled with a straight-up meditation routine, but I just did a 10-minute quigong session via YouTube instruction and felt focused while doing so, and more relaxed afterwards.
Human Story 3 IS the long-awaited 'sequel'^ to Far Side Virtual, tonally at least. You hear the same synthetic bleep-bloop and cheesed-out synth-vox smattered throughout. That––imo––it's not so instantly gratifying probably means it might be better. These are ADVANCED tunes, my friends. I'm still wrapping my head around it after one listen.
06.15.16 | Wednesday | 9:22:45 AM EST | Just added to the fake song database: "Pig Disco"