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Thursday, March 29, 2018

This is, IMO, one of my best reviews. I love being a review writer for Google™ dot com.


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By hereby clicking submit you are legally required to only attend Tool concerts IF they use the Tim "The Toolman" Taylor soundbyte mentioned in this tweet at the beginning of the show.

OK gonna watch the last 5 minutes of Top Secret! now; review forthcoming

Why being one over the limit (+1) still ='s DAY #3

This is not that interesting

but whatever, hear me out. It's freaking with my brain. The image on the left is from the embedded view Twitter feed right here on this website, and the image on the right is the actual image/tweet. I uploaded that BLANK transparent png flatscreen TV to the @skikyd twitter account yesterday, but on the embed view it has like... stuff inside it?? When I blow it up it looks like this:

Again, this is not that interesting but it is SUPER-WEIRD, right? Haunted image or some shit.

Did i post this yet ?? | ANCILLARY OXEN - album cover | i dont think i did