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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2 dreams i had last night (& a new mantra)

Dream #1

I am on some kind of large bus, like a double-decker bus, with my friend Chris and others, I think. We are traversing over a long bridge that is low on top of the bay, maybe the ocean. It is almost a part of the water. I'm very frightened as it appears unlikely that this vehicle will not submerge. I wake up as we get closer to what appears to be a very futuristic version of Atlantic City (I know, in the dream, that this is Atlantic City, but it looks fantastical tall, tight and bright, and nothing like the actual Atlantic City).

Dream #2

I am on what might be some kind of island with my friend Dan who, in this dream, resembles the actor Owen Wilson so much so that I assume perhaps they are the same person (in this dream logic). We are conducting some kind of SNL-inspired 'joke' on the people of this island (similar to the "man on the street" humor Kyle Mooney does). The 'joke' here has something to do with finding a wife and Billy Joel. I can't recall the specifics but this Owen Wilson character is asking random women a question about Billy Joel in hopes that they'll return an answer that means they are a perfect match. I feel confused when I try to remember the specifics about the 'joke' or why it was funny at all. But I remember laughing uncontrollably in the dream when one woman answered 'correctly' and the punchline was revealed. I remember I found it both hilarious and seriously poignant.