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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I wrote this. It's a poem. I didn't really write it but I stole it. I'm not gonna do anything with it except leave it here.


I like following sports on my 📱

I've been using the CBS Sports app which lets you add games to a watchlist which means those scores are all stacked (in light blue) immediately when you open the app.

It's 🌻 seed time !
im really trying to lose some weight / be healthier and now is the part of the day i really start to drag and my body misreads this drag as "hunger" a lot of the times, so ive taken to suckn & spittn seeds to relieve this pressure / give my mouth something to do; i know ur like, ''just SING bro'' haha no shit i should just sing and maybe i will

New Wave band BLONDIE owns my youtube on Christmas Island

It's true.

A GoPro™ minus the "go" and also the "pro" lol 😂

Of all my lost wagers last evening, this was the most upsetting. Just need one more TD to go over, and this 10-1 parlay woulda hit. Sports gambling is incredibly dumb and I love it so much.

I have a new favorite team. OMG. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. Currently going out of my way to preserve this news footage on my hard drive. Wish me well.


World Series action via SB dot ag.

Will be going large on a Cubs/under play to right the proverbial ship. Just waiting on the numbers to shift in my favor. Juice on the under bet with the total at 7 is -135. Would much rather wait for 6.5 and more value. This one is destined to be a 2-1 type game it feels. Stay tuned.