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Thursday, January 5, 2017

I hate (hate) myself for liking this is as much as I do.

Stitcher: a review, of sorts

I have been using the app Stitcher for podcasts for the last ~24+ hours and so here is my expert review. It's definitely good and probably better than Podcasts (iTunes) especially if you're using Android and Apple devices. The main selling point, for me, is being able to pick up on a show––in your web browser, on your Amazon Fire, on your iPhone––all at the exact place where you left off, with the added bonus of a friendly British lady voice saying, "Resuming episode." However, I have three main qualms:

1. Not a big deal, but one of my favorite (newish) pods isn't available on it yet: Tim Heidecker's Office Hours Live. Hopefully this will be there soon.

2. You can't access full archives for some shows. (NOTE: This is not, across the board, necessarily a Stitcher issue; some pods only make a certain number of new episodes available on various platforms.) I am specifically talking about The Legacy Music Hour, of which you can only stream the last 10 or so shows. (I am in the process of starting from the beginning: 2010, or 175+ episodes.) This is odd because you can access the full archives of this show on Podcasts and the Android-friendly/RSS-based app, Podcast Addict. Oh well.

3. And the biggest annoyance is the discrepancy in views/settings across platforms. See above: iPhone (left) and browser/Chrome (right). On mobile, you can set the order of your shows to be displayed by recency. There is no option for this in the browser settings. You can only order them manually, with the newest additions showing up on top. I know, I know, this seems like a dumb complaint. It's a little thing but one that feels very easy to fix, and I find the shortsightedness of the error really irksome.

You can find (a lot of) the podcast episodes I am listening to posted to this page via the /podcasts tag.
new song/hook idea:

⨔ got brocolli bits on my cellphone, bitch ⨔

I think he seems genuinely like a man who wants to control things (and I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, even if the end result of that M.O. is always––potentially/unavoidably––negative). But his lack of charisma and charm, and general likeability is off the charts. He'd never win. (Unless he, like, programmed mind control shit into fb and tricked 15+ million into voting for him; that could sway it potentially.)

Look 👀 at this mouth 👄 on my nose 👃