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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Planning a run through beautiful downtown Morgantown PA for this Saturday morning.

UPDATE: Just thought of something. Not sure why you can't save maps you make like this to your account and open them in the Google Maps app. I think the embedding is cool and looks good but it's dumb I have to email myself a link to that running path and keep it in my inbox (although it does open in the app with all points included). I guess this is a fairly particular request/complaint.
I bet the Pels -6 because I didn't understand that line at all. It went to 5 and I was feeling weird about it. But they pulled it out. Now: let's go STATE.

In other news, let me hype this new (or new to me') app called Sports Action. I am Jeff Kkast on it, although I don't think there's a social function to follow people (yet?). This app is great. Starting tonight I am going to track my actual plays on it daily/nightly. Only two pieces of criticism I have thus far: (1) I wish you could track international soccer because I've had a lot of fun betting on that recently, and (2) the alerts worked a little more smoothly/differently. But all and all, Awesome App Great Job.

I think this might be the most perfect work of art I've ever made. It's definitely the most important.

I love my body and moving it around in this world and I love being alive


⚽️ I think I'm addicted to betting soccer draws ⚽️

Yo, for real.