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Monday, December 11, 2017

How ''Z e N'' is yo ÷ΩΩ ø Ñ e ¥÷
How ''Z e N'' is yo ÷ΩΩ ø Ñ e ¥÷
I've never accepted the iTunes agreement, not once in all my life, but here I am... neck-deep in the jams and letting the music move me like never before haha
A well adjusted adult would call this behavior insane, were he to witness another adult doing so, but this is the beauty of children I guess: we afford to them what we cannot ourselves, a finite window in time to be an insane person, but to eventually grow up, lest one be called insane for good. [more »]

One of my favorite writers, Jimmy Chen. 

December 11, 2017 at 12:25PM

I'm going to post a video of me going down every isle of the Montgomery, NJ Shop Rite in ~one hour on the Livesthetic facebook pg.

I think the audio quality...

... of my new phone recordings for MY PODCAST! are way less than before. This is, potentially, because of the new phone's mic, but it could also be because of how the Android Soundcloud app handles large files (?). I am suspicious because it literally took about ten seconds to upload that entire ~60-min. long episode (Ep. 339; just posted). Before, on my iPhone, I was using a third party app called AudioCopy (or something like that) because you couldn't record/upload straight to your account with the iOS Soundcloud app, or at least I thought you couldn't. Anyway, that app recorded audio at a very high rate and the files were pretty big. TOO big frankly, if you ask me! Anyhooters, this is my life now. I like it.