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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I think I'm finally gonna watch The Warriors. Right now! On the gym stairmaster! On my iPhone 6! Hooray!! (Semi-unrelated Note: I've always hated the IMDB website. It's really ugly and not user-friendly imo. I know people love it, but that's my take. I much prefer getting movie info on Wikipedia usually.)
If I had a Korn tribute band I would call it Kob. Don't try to do this tribute band for yourself because I will sue you.
Reactivated my "SkyKid" handle to comment at Stereogum. 'Sup.

Still from one of many new music videos I just made for The Pizza Puppies [art collective].
My favorite Hitler book is definitely My Camp, such a lovely and tender look at the young führer's many moments of fun at his summer camp, Lager Sonnigen Lustiges Gesicht (Camp Sunny Funny Face).
Go ahead. Use one of your many apps. I fucking dare you. 
I had a dream recently and it made me feel worse about a thing that happened to me IRL but then I had another dream last night which made me feel better about the same thing so dreams are funny like that I guess and you shouldn't worry so much.
Blog like tweets like majestic sunsets. A new work order. We are all experiencing this.  
Zika got me down. But not out. I respect the mosquito and I love my fellow man.