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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

New Single:Out NOW (available nowhere🤬)

steak-tuned! 🥩 🔊

◊ ◊ ◊

it brings me no joy to report this but the prophesie hath been fortold to mwa ages ago andi must post of it on thee web'site ?(whas point of if not)? but tis after'noon, the queen coffin (holding her dead body, deceased QEii corpse, ya understand÷¿) floating over the english countryside .. will .. crash. it will land on the home of one shep peppington, a small boy, the youngest of eleven. all will perish in the crash, including 27-members of his extended family, the pilot and crew of the plane, etc., but one shep peppington will sur-vive and thusly: he shall be named KING and the new bloodline of the MONARCHY will be established THRU HIM. it is nigh high time and it is now (today/when).

in other news, my gym took fox news off the 2 tvs it was on. don't know if it's a permanent thing, but hail joy hooray i guess (now do all the other channels) ⁄!
in other other news, the river continues to run...


fromth what?