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Monday, May 3, 2021

🐹 🎀 𝒲𝑒𝓁𝓅 🎀 🐹

I lost access to my Tumblr account (primary blog here: shrimpkardashian.tumblr.com) which I had been posting to for years about movies, music and TV and a bunch of other nonsense. I was closing in on the damn 10,000th post if you could believe it. To the best of my knowledge, they did a purge of anyone using a custom HTML theme design (guilty as charged) and they reset all their blogs to the standard bad-looking design, as well as––for some goddam reason––forcefully signed out all of those users from their accounts. Welp. This guy (me) never updated the 2FA phone # on file so now I can't get back in. I've been trying to no avail for a week to get someone on the support staff to turn off 2FA or change it to my new cell #. No luck. I'm thinking about just starting from scratch and keeping that URL as an archive, never to be touched again. Of course, the formatting looks like complete shit, just straight up ass butthole dogshit ass (take a look!) but part of life is learning about how to let things go.

This again makes me think about what a failure blogger is/has always been for not having a better mobile tool/app for simple posting shit. I like the extreme customization they offer and I built my entire archives here on this site, so I'm not moving. But honestly, it would be cool to just have a one-stop shop for all things "jeff posts" etc. What ya gonna do. I might just start using Twitter to do the things I was doing on Tumblr?

I reached out one final time to the customer support at Tumblr to try to get back in but. It's not looking good folks,,

UPDATE: I knew posting about this like a lil bitch would do the trick. I'm back baby! Thank you Chris