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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Simulation was built to Break?

Here (me: out). This is all so incredibly dumb.


I will forever be out here, trying too hard. Look at that saturated church, a holy house? It's weird to start a music review off with a comparison that by all accounts is nothing more than a random coincidence. It is. But I see a thread. Thank You is the second full-length from Toronto-based duo Black Dresses. It's also the name of a popular Led Zeppelin song. The connections don't add up but I see them. There is nothing remotely Zeppelin about the work of Black Dresses. LZ had a song called "Black Dog." BDs have a song called "DOGSHIT." What I can only assume is "screamo" is seamlessly merged here with various other, more interesting (read: better, read: my precious white pretentiousness is showing) genres. This release defines the left-turn aesthetic. Led Zeppelin was paint-by-numbers by comparison. Crystal clear vocals emoting various socially-conscious messages might seem trite in their seventh grade simplicity. Ironically, this is, on average, the mental moment many teen males make the decision to worship at the altar of the Zep. The ones who also want the people poisoning water to die ("WATER") are the ones we love. The sign is a lie. The "YOU" in question is constantly in flux. You don't fucking deserve shit. Nobody gets what they deserve.

If the sun refused to shine 

I would still be loving you 

When mountains crumble to the sea

There will still be you and me

The lyrics are crystal clear until they aren't, wherein they are slathered with a meaty sauce, just like the sonics: "Let the music be your master; will you heed the master's call?" There might be nothing here worth dying for, and THANKs for that! All music is weightless and doesn't have a smell now. Dying ≠ Living. 

Every day I just cut myself open
Let me take you to the movies?
Every day I destroy myself
Can I take you to the show?
Every day it's ok, it's no problem
Let me be yours ever truly?
Every day its just something else
Can I make your garden grow? 

Only dead bitches can make dead bitches' gardens grow, Mr. Plant. Your bullshit is NOT harmless. This is about all I know, truth be told. There probably hasn't been a record as far removed from Zeppelin's sixth album, 1975's Physical Graffiti and yet here we are. I hope I'm loved. I want the RESOURCEHOARDERS to die (so we may live far away from the ______________. And I'd probably sacrifice myself to make it actually happen so you can always find a common ground! "Houses of the Holy" was originally set to be the title track of the fifth LZ record, but they decided the song did not fit well with the other album material. Songs not fitting in < People not fitting in. 

Let's Jam??


2 have 1 is 2 b ALIVE πŸ’€
2 have a good 1 is 2 TRULY LIVE πŸŽ€

πŸ„·πŸ„΄πŸ…πŸ„΄ πŸ„°πŸ…πŸ„΄ πŸ…‚πŸ„ΎπŸ„ΌπŸ„΄ *πŸ…‚πŸ„΄πŸ„»πŸ„΄πŸ„²πŸ…ƒ* πŸ„»πŸ…ˆπŸ…πŸ„ΈπŸ…‡–πŸ…ˆπŸ„ΎπŸ…„ πŸ„²πŸ„°πŸ„½ πŸ…πŸ„΄πŸ„°πŸ„³ πŸ…ƒπŸ„·πŸ„΄πŸ„Ό πŸ„ΈπŸ„΅ πŸ…ˆπŸ„ΎπŸ…„ πŸ…†πŸ„°πŸ„½πŸ…ƒ πŸ…ƒπŸ„Ύ

*from the everydaysongz.com project forever in flux gob bless*