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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Still not sure why I have 2 blogs.
I gave up on The Warriors. Just not gonna finish it. I rarely do this with movies but jesus christ that is some horrible shit. There's nothing visually interesting or good-bad enough to offset its sucking. It's ultra lazy and weirdly homophobic. Why is this such a cult classic? It has no redeeming B-movie kitsch to speak of. I just don't get it.

I started End of the Tour today (The David Foster Wallace biopic, pretty good so far) and after that I finally got this Genesis documentary on tap.
Not doing anything tonight. I wanna put an end to "Meaninglessism" but not happening now. Bare minimum tip. Riding high with a full belly.
I went to the zoo today. It's raining.
I still think there is some cool shit on Twitter and––confession time––I do go back and manually check some hot feeds from time to time. It's kind of annoying since I deleted my account because just going to a Twitter URL sort of functions differently than when you are LOGGED THE WHOLE WAY IN bro. No regrets though. I have still not mastered Zero Content 30 yet but I feel like I'm getting closer. Namaste.