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Monday, August 27, 2018

It really can't be understated

how 🦇💩 insane it is that Mike Francesa launched his $9/Month app and then immediately took a one-week vacation...

Destination Dino

@ franklin park zoo | boston https://flic.kr/p/297RLGZ

Vacation, part ii

i spent the better part of last week not posting, so that means that the week didn't really happen at all. i could apologize for this, but to whom? i could avenge this grievance, but upon whom? the only thing i can do is swear i'll get better, and that's the thing i (luckily!) happen to be best at.

so there is no formal record of my vacation (minus the dinosaurs i shall be posting shortly). i swear this won't be the case in the future forever and without fail...


The "Emergency Backup" section of the wiki on SELF-BONDAGE is the best/funniest thing I've read in awhile. πŸ’˜

in other news::: no new news; breaking news::: coming sooon

🍩🍟 ℍέγ„₯οΌ¬ ☆🍧

We are Truly™ in the H ELL W O RLD.