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Sunday, January 21, 2018

So this is where I'm at now. Here's my resubmitted album art to that service, mentioned earlier. Apparently my "first attempt" was both too blurry (umm, art? ever heard of it?) and got flagged for having words (any words!) that weren't a) the EXACT title of the release and b) the EXACT name of the band I registered––in this case: "a THE PIZZA PUPPIES release" instead of just "THE PIZZA PUPPIES" ...i guess:(((

It's frustrating because this stuff is so dumb to begin with. I just want an avenue to get it to these outlets because that would be even dumber. And I am shocked and dismayed when my quest for more dumbness is thwarted!

Ŧเภคllא ς๏๓เภ'เภt๏ Ŧ๏ςยร–My 👎

Brady is going to win the super bowl this year b/c it will be his 6th and 6 is the number of the beast; Brady is satan is what i'm sayin nbd.


My picks (mostly on this early game; I might post more later about the Vikes/Iggles), in four parts…