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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Dope, Fence Me In

do it, dope
pulsating like a heart, it's all garbage • i still got it on this feed man

I wish I always had something to post

Why Ressurecting Slop City was the Biggest Mistake Jeff Ever Did [EXCLUSIVE]

some say it's jsut a blog
some say it's the e-quivalent of a jack pollick painting (spaltters)
but i'm not sure
i think its something more than that combines

You Can't Just Do Anything And Call It Art... But... Maybe You Can?
––The Artist's Mantra

some say it's jsut a blog
but beflore i was Born, I was an idea
my being born was art
and it flowed out into the world like water, just like blogging

some say it's jsut a blog
some say a lot and some say a little
i'm not a poet and never once strived or claimed  2 be
its' not my problen

some say it's jsut a blog
i don' t want slopC to bcome a rallying cry
for the... you know whats its 
that was not my intentiojn

some say it's jsut a blog
and i;ll keep on creating
it's the only thing i know i am good at 
even if thing i create, ARENT SO:)

rip. SLOP CITY :(((