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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I S.

The Disintegration of Values in Outerspace has arrived. It's the visual album for today's generation. You can go throw your other visual albums in a sack and toss that sack into the river because The D.V.O. is in the house and ready to rock. So put on your favorite slippers and pour a glass of expensive brandy... it's time to party.
Coming later today: the latest edition to the P.P. L.P. DISCOG-RAPHY. It's the 15th album, , and it's a visual album, featuring 37––That's right, count 'em––THIRTY-EFFING-SEVEN original music videos. I am in a push to get fully organized and get this stuff online and it's final/proper format. This release by Middle Manatee is a big stepping stone en route to that goal.

Unrelated: One thing that will irritate about me my discog on the bandcamp page is that, due to the nature of my preference for alphabetizing over chronologicalizing (which is itself due to the nature of my preference for rehashing, editing, reformatting, chopping and screwing of the material I've recorded over the last 20+ years), the first three 'albums' that pop up on the sidebar of any given page on the bandcamp are three of the most unessential ones and that's saying something! Oh well, I really need to record and/or release some more numerical-centric 'good' material to 'overthrow' these. Time WILL tell.

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