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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Harambe hockey jerseys looking 🔥 Click the image for more info on this magic moment in time.



I'm a Sixers fan now FYI.

The hard drive contained more than 51,000 images and videos of individuals filmed surreptitiously
Jesus, this creepy dude was prolific. He's only 19; how did he create so much content in so little time? There's a (really gross) lesson in here somewhere.
I came down from Content Mountain to heed a warning: a coldness nigh, retreat. We shall reset all the clocks in the house and today be done. For what we do in the morning shall ring with a digital glee seven centuries into the future.
@BauerOutage is a top-notch handle. Feeling pretty gucc about my Indians +137 ML play.