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Thursday, October 18, 2018


I'm still getting the hang of things and I think it's because of some of the pills that I feel unusual hunger but I guess it's not that unusual I'm just hoping that as the days roll on towards 31 and then 37.5 into 38 then it'll get better slowly and by the end of that time frame both time frame so it'll be easier to see what needs to be done which is clear I think


Very excited to shared to share this music video which is some of my best work but I have major regrets using the blood green-screen FX on a song for this release and not a song from the Hug EP release which has the more appropriate album art for such a music video ๐Ÿ“น


hard or hardy working?

Meatmeet Dr. Meetmeat

what everythings redacted

Vords 2 Liwe bY

3eb said it best in their hit song "The Jumper"... put away the past. Even the recent past when you cross paths with a psychopath (bad path): slam that sucker into the grave (digitally/mentally); it wasn't your choice to run into the guy who slow-speed style ran a red-light then almost hit you with his 1992 Dodge Caravan before just straight parking in the middle of the street, blocking an Amazon delivery guy and then getting out to verbally assault said Amazon delivery guy when he had the nerve to honk his horn. Just forget it and move onto something else (good path!)... this is all a very longwinded way of saying thx-u 3eb for your glorious hot hot ๐ŸŽถs

PS. don't u just love music??