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Thursday, October 3, 2019

There was a house I rented in early 2010s and the wood floors were really scratched up so I took a bunch of pictures of the scratches on the floor so the landlord etc wouldn't try to pin it on us (it was never an issue, though). Anyway, you can check out a picture of the floor scratches after the jump! (Very good, very exciting post)

As I get closer to completing organization (or pre-organization, if we're being honest), the question remains: do I go back in time and clean up all the myriad, mostly bad posts on this site. For example, the ones related to old gambling posts and ones that almost certainly have missing media *irk me like crazy in theory* (i.M.L.C.i.T) .... but I probably won't do anything 

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This is maybe my favorite thing I've ever done :•)