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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Also got some dough on the clip ML +120.

Even as he was walking across america barefoot, Mark Baumer would occasionally post writing prompts on his website. These were some of my favorite writing of his. I'm currently going through them to get an inspired for ideas 
I'm a 47 year old guy who's pretty down to earth with a sick sense of humor, I have many interests from hunting, fishing, old classic Mopar cars and Dodge diesel trucks, I like racing drag racing being my favorite. I also like to be adventurous and like traveling when I can. I'm a fan of metal, and red dirt country music. I follow a paleo lifestyle, I like hiking and lifting weights, crossfit is something I want to get more involved in also. This blog is a bit of my personality, I am keeping this on the cleaner side. I am into romance and I do have a freaky side of my life also that I don't post on here. I am a spiritual person and enjoy living a life in sobriety, because I did a lot of wreckage in my past and life today is way better than it was years ago. Anyway I hope you all enjoy my blog and thanks to those of you who do follow me. If there's anything you want to know or have any questions feel free to ask. [Source.]

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