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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fun Fact: the Twin Peaks pilot episode had nearly four times as many viewers as The Big Bang Theory's did. #TVFunFacts #CanUBelieveIt? #TPReboot17
Sweet! I reached 77 people with my 0-views video! Thanks, Facebook!

January 19, 2017 at 09:59PM

Watching the rest of The Future (2011).
bag under my right eye + avocado emoji (πŸ₯‘) / the letter "O" in blue sans serif, sideways =

IDFK man

For whatever reason the buttons on the lefthand side of my Tumblr (courtesy of cooltext.com) started to disappear. I couldn't be bothered with fixing this dumb thing so I just deleted all of them. I miss them and this is truly a sad day but there's nothing else I could've done.

Shoutout to "A House with Rooms" and "FlyNaked"—my neighbors are really bringing their wifi network naming A-game.

My iPhone won't back up via iTunes because it keeps saying it's disconnected but then it shows that it's connecting the whole time? I feel like this is a conspiracy to get me to use iCloud. I won't back down though.