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Saturday, August 6, 2016

in the cloud, of the cloud, love the cloud

I am a dog?

Hi, please hand me the scissors. I want to do a slam-dunk with them. Later we can go down to the arena and really test them out. Will you be my hoops scissor valentine? I’d love to take you to East Texas sometime. I like googling it because it makes me feel alive knowing that they're all these different places in the world. If you would have me in East Texas as a friend, it would be the best. What else can we slam-dunk? Mashed potatoes?
Gonna put the Olympics on I think. Then maybe yanks but truth is this AROD business has me irked and disinterested. #FreeArod

Collage material

These trade mags we randomly get make for great collage fodder. Gonna post a Vine of the innards. Look out for that content.