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Monday, July 9, 2018

some shithead dopes lighting fireworks off right outside my house @ 10:30PM on a Monday night, five days after the 4th... not cool

but I think they went home (to whatever holes they crawled out of)

This Rockstar sugar free energy drink is much less refreshing than i would have thought

RT w/ comment: This was a bad idea... just a bad idea

༺ New Logo ༻

UPDATICUS 2020 ad: one of the shorter length ventures of my career LoL
I did a ❛review❜ of a local basketball court near my workk
W i t h i n
the 30sqs
are S P A C E S
4lines &
the S P A C E S
4lines r
Taken up with food, eg.


Another tesr

Ball πŸ€ hard πŸ”¨

This pod is on spotify lol.


Here is the setlist for the next hour+ folks,,
yur gonnna hav 2to feell hung-ry

I can't bring myself to close the tab that has open the Trolls 2 Wikipedia page

Some beginnings are an ending.