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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Seriously: take no prisoners time ⏰
My 🧬 luck 🤞 is gonna change shirt 🎽
‼️ ❣️ Mark my word 📜🗞️📜🗞️


I forgot I wrote this note about a dream I had playing hockey in like an open area at a big mall that was frozen over and all the department stores were open and their floors were ice too and of the puck 🏒 which was a seashell 🐚 went in one of the stores it was still a live puck and I don't know how to skate so I think I was on foot maybe and we were playing a really good team (their might have been announcers I could hear?) and I went into like Macy's or something which was behind our opponent's goal and retrieved the puck (🐚) and I made a pass to a teammate who scored it for the win and then I woke up

I don't think I've ever eaten a pomegranate but I've eaten so many artificially flavored pomegranate things like why am I drawn to this flavor when I don't even know what the original "real thing" tastes like