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Thursday, February 19, 2015

I try to listen to this once every couple months.

There are two Nicolas Cage movies currently playing in theaters

yyyeah, never really developed a taste for Beck. the only track I’ve heard that I really liked was ‘Debra’, but even then, I think it’s kinda stupid. have never really understood the appeal, other than that if you are into dudes he’s really pretty. he gets some nice soundscapes going at times, but ugh, the, uh, ‘rapping’, or whatever it is, that was his shtick when he got huge, is not at all good rapping. [Source.]
The forms of the song are really wild. And he's super-good at chaining together really sort of disparate sections and elements in a way that you don't even notice it when you listen to the track.
Today's daily gif available only at Daily gifs: The website, and right here for a limited (read: forever) time only.
New jam from A.G. Cook/Hannah Diamond of PC Music.

¡ T O I L E T !  ¡ B O W L !  ¡
I N S T A G R A M !

There's no right way or wrong to blog.
Deadspin just blew up this guy's very odd website and I hope he's not stalked by equally weird but far bitter jerks out there (the comments section thus far is not promising). The "Rovellian creepiness" aside, part of me is really intrigued by this project.

Toro Y Moi - "Empty Nesters"

"Consensual Sex with a Circus Monkey"

is a great song. Look it up on the internet.
"It sounds like if Electric Wizard tried to make an R&B record," Shlohmo says in a press release, "Or Boards of Canada meets Burzum by the River Styx." Indeed. [Source.]

Boyz & Girl: Shoegaze from Taipei, ~2010