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Monday, October 31, 2016


When in rome u better eat a Chrome Pony. I heard abt this new macbook, does its track pad track like that? (mine, above^) i m minding mi own biz [[streaming illegal_NBA]] when all of a sudden my 'puter decides to turn on me; little did I know 1wk later the battery would expand and send one of the microscrews flying, cracking the'pad in the'process (s/o embiiiiid). well thaz where we is now wounded and waiting wonderful and i wont be buying any mo 🍎 products for dam sur. na-uh. lemme get to my books; they need me. i kant thinkk abt this N.E. longa. (sorry dont' meen to sound salty rn just a tad tired + P.O'd that i accidentally deleted a #podcast i recorded abt charlize theron's personallife.)

#HillbillyforPrison is the hashtag folks. So they want to throw Hillbilly Kingpin in the smacker? I'd like to see them try. Our future Lady President is stronger than a horde of wolverines (and better looking). Even if you did manage to put her in prison she would get out and be an even better leader of this great nation. You can't put a person in jail because of a hashtag but a bad hashtag can land you behind bars if you're not careful. My advice: put down the # and pick up a barbell, ya knucklehead. Let Lady H take us to the next level. Get to the polls early and often!
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