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Monday, October 21, 2019

welp, close it down

impossibly bleak::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

my teeth are too fucked up to eat ANY halloween candy this year

i'm just like, uh, posting this here as a reminder/beacon/warning (¿) to, uh, not eat any halloween candy... cool. Everything's fine.
Tired of waiting
it's time to finally transition into the role I was born to play: Super Smart Guy. I'm going to start reading actual books know and learning historical and maybe even scientific facts. It's been too long.
weirdly... just got a notification that i got a new follower
on - wait for it ...
which is definitely a platform i didn't think still existed
any how, it's weird social media/networking tek stuff on the blog today
thanks for reading
and follow my dumbass

Facebook is completely F*CKED !
I mean: not breaking any news here Obvs
but, for ex: I tried to log-in to delete the long dormant vernonhowl page
and to do this I first needed to upload a photo I.D. ? WTF
That's not even a real person... Now the account is apparently fully Locked. So fucked. They truly are trying to create a database of every human on earth to then sell that information to XY&Z and will stop at nothing in pursuit of this goal... even pseudonyms born in the early 00s aren't safe!