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Sunday, January 24, 2016

AFC + NFC Championship Game Picks

As you can see by this (winning) teaser bet, I liked Denver +3.5 and the Under, as well as Carolina -3.5 and the Over. All four picks hit! I shouldn't have / didn't need to do the tease!

(SIDEBAR: Yes, I didn't post this before the games. Correct, that doesn't matter because no one reads this blog anyway. Carry on)

My annual, always thrilling, Super Bowl props post WILL be out most likely Saturday night before SB50, so check back for that. It's super popular in the world inside my head. (See last season's here)

As far as the games today, I am extremely happy Denver took down New England. I thought they had a very good shot going in, more than most people did. They had only let up more than 20 points one time over their last 8 games. Their D is legit excellent.

In the second game, my heart was with AZ but I loved the Panthers as the pick.

Denver-Carolina feels like a weird one, but there's a "changing of the guard" angle that is kinda neat, and––most importantly––no Pats :-)