I have 10,000 music videos to make and I'm literally freaking out

It's true. That's no exaggeration, folks.

It's no easy job being the creative director / video editor of an arts collective with 1,000s upon 1,000s of songs. I spent a good chunk of last week acquiring the source material ("found footage") to use to make the music videos to the songs from EP23 thru EP31 (80 tracks, 125 source videos in all)––the above gif is but a sample of this source material.

What is this compulsion? Is it not enough for The Pizza Puppies to be The USA's #1 Most Prolific Songwriting Collective™ (of All-Time)? I have to also conjure up moving image plays for the thousands of unreleased tunes in this catalog?

There are also several unreleased full-length albums that are 100+ songs (the largest, Twitpella, Vol. IV: The Numbness Games, boasts a whopping 1,776 tracks). I suppose the fact that I might never get around to doing all this art is part of the art although it doesn't feel like part of the art. It feels more like I am frantically spinning out of control, chasing my own tail, and you know, more analogies like that.

I like seeing a large set of folders full of completed music vids that I made more than I actually like making music vids.

IDK. I'm just venting. It's my blog, and I'll vent if I wanna. Time to make the videos.