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Saturday, January 23, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: I'm excited to announce this new film, which is available to watch in its entirety above via YouTube. Here's all the background info you'll need:

Since rebooting the LIFECAST project, I decided to start fresh with the year 2014. This negated all the footage I recorded every single day from June 2013 through December of that same year: seven months.

All of the 213 days in this seven-month span originally had their own standalone videos, with music scores and everything. I decided to repurpose the audio from these movies, in part, for my EP Series #1 project.

For sanity's sake, starting on 1 Jan 2014 for LIFECAST seemed like the right thing to do. But having these 213 files (ranging in length, on average, from 30 to 90 seconds) sitting around without a home was really starting to bug me. So I thought, "I know! I'll make an almost two-hour documentary out of them!"

And thus, The Last Seven Months of 2013 was born.

From idea to finished project, this took me less than a day to do. I love when projects come about / come out like that.

I've removed all audio from this piece in a nod to one of my heroes, experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, who once wrote,

"I now see/feel no more absolute necessity for a sound track than a painter feels the need to exhibit a painting with a recorded musical background. Ironically, the more silently-oriented my creative philosophies have become, the more inspired-by-music have my photographic aesthetics and my actual editing orders become, both engendering a coming-into-being of the physiological relationship between seeing and hearing in the making of a work of art in film," [SOURCE]

Pretty much the only flaw I can pinpoint at this juncture is that on 18 Dec 2013, I randomly decided to start using a fade transition instead of the hard cuts between footage in the previous ~200 days. I have no idea why I did this at the time. I thought about trying to edit in hard cuts but ultimately I left it 'as is'.

So please enjoy The Last Seven Months of 2013! I don't think it's a movie you should necessarily sit down and watch, but rather put it on in the background and glance at the screen from time to time. Hopefully it will make you think or feel something about how we, as humans, spend our days. Thank you.

PS. I don't know who this Paz Wirth person or what the hell PW Recordings are.