So, okay... here we go


This is the plan: I'm gonna run ~4.75 miles to the Phish show in Camden.

This is a fairly short run (for me), but that's not really the issue. The issue is that I have to run over the gigantic-ass Ben Franklin Bridge, and I'm pretty terrified of gigantic-ass bridges.

The area between the two dotted lines indicate my primo "freakout zone." It's in/on this portion of the bridge where I'll need to make the decision: do I continue along, or do I retreat like a little bitch. (P.o.N.R. = Point of No Return)

If I decide on the latter, than it's a relatively short trek to the PATCO station on 8th/Market where I'll hop on the train that actually goes over the bridge; I've never taken this train before. It lets you 0.7 miles from the venue in the heart of CAMDEN, so my guess is that it's not really a hotspot for concertgoers. But my after-show plan is to actually see if crowds are shuffling off this way to catch the train home because I really don't feel like spending somewhere between $25-50 on a Lyft. But that's neither here nor there; I'm getting ahead of myself.

The. Goddam. Bridge.

Can I do it? What will happen to me if I don't? Will defeating this fear lead to a life of prosperity and wealth, will I finally begin to live my "Second Act"?

Well, folks... we'll find out in roughly 90 minutes from now. Godspeed.