O to the K
here goes
i forgot to post everything i ate recent-ly
on Twitter
[[which is a thing i'mm doin noww]]
so here are the last 2 days
last 2 days in JULY 2018 !

after tha jump;)

* pictured (clockwise from top left): mint lara bar / mixed nuts (breakfast), quinoa/corn salad (lunch), red bird mints (2, snack), ultra red 0 cal. monster drink, cherries (~10, snack); not pictured: plum (snack), edamame/eggplant/chickpeas based succotash (dinner)

** pictured: leftover succotash (left, lunch), scrambled eggs (3) w/ cheddar + hot sauce (right, breakfast); not pictured: plum (snack), grilled broccoli and brussels sprouts w/ tofu over quinoa (dinner)