The T Fest was fun.... it was kinda shitty weather and we went on Day 2 for like the last 90min of it, so they only charged us 10$ each to get in which was sweet/nice.... and the people who were running the bounce house obstacle course looked like meth-headz but my daughter got her face painted for free (I tipped) and all/in/all it cost ~60$ for 5 tacos, 2 coronas, a frazia white wine with ice and 2 margs (1 frozen 1 they gave to us for 75% off b/c we ended up with an odd amount of drink tix and it normally cost 4 drink tix for a frozen marg but like no one was there anymore and the lady just gave my wife a full frozen marg even tho she only had 1 drink tix left).... lemme say this about the drink tix, admission tix and festival map:::: they were printed on some serious glossy card stock that musta cost a fortune, I wish I had held onto some of them b/c they were almost 'collector ed. quality' .... truth b told it was a fun time for hanging out in casino parking lot on a grey day.... they had a band and a DJ and the tacos were pretty delish.... could've gotten there earlier and spent even more money but actually it felt like the perfect amt of time/$$ for what it was.... 5 stars on yelp!dotcom



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