Lunch: half-off grocery store sushi and then snack-time: dollar tree mix (~400 cal's)

$2.07 @ Dollar Tree – Monmouth Junction, NJ

–Imperial Nuts "Sunshine Blend" snack mix (banana chips, cranberries, almonds, cashews, blueberries)

$5.32 @ Rite Aid – Skillman, NJ

–White 3M duct tape

$4.25 @ Shop Rite – Skillman, NJ

–50% off sushi


manoman wa
swan confetti
confeve weed
heap allotta...
spaghetti on
the floor a-
gains & loss
Coulda - Wooden - Shoulda
i Only ate A mint Lara Bar
so far 2day
can't wait for lunch-TiME©

J W D D bb

I signed up for this shit last night to get like $6 off my hotel price (booked a suite off Cedar Grove Lane which is off Easton Ave. in Somerset near New Brunswick, NJ) and I typo'd the hell out of my first name so now my Hilton Rewards® official profile name is JWDD not JEFF, and the only way I can change it is if I reach out to a customer service person directly (lol) so I'm not flippin' changing nothing. Long Live, Jwdd! Jeff is dead.

Lol I wrote a pretty heartfelt blog post here on my phone then just straight up closed the app without posting or saving. Yikes!

back on this trip 
maybe i was driving the car i cant remember

... wrote a new book called Slab and it's a book and it's online and there's only one chapter and you can read it super quick and stuff; please share it with your dad for dad's day and whatnot ...


New studio is called "The Swet Box" but I'm gonna Stylize™ it as ...

_______  '†ha_$we†b≈X'

Y would I ––droneboner69–– want to follow these maniax??! pls, no thx

∂ση'т вє тнє ƒσσℓ тнαт ¢σмєѕ @ мє . . . . . . . . . . .


This is super odd to me. Like there are scammers out there posting links to non-existent livestreams for tonight's not sold-out friggin' Chrome show at tiny-ass Kung Fu Necktie??!? There'll maybe be a 100 people there in person and the thing wasn't even promoted as having a livestream component anywhere to begin with. The only reason I found these links is because I searched YouTube by upload date to see if there was any live cellphone captures of last night's show in NYC or earlier in the week in Boston. There were a bunch of fake stream "videos" for the New York shows too! WEIRD! Like are there multiple individuals out there hoping to make literal pennies (if that!) off the back of the very relative popularity of cult postpunk band Chrome!??! WTF...

I digress. I did find some cool baby eagle nest footage though, and the only actually (recent) Chrome the Band video was from their end of March show in Omaha. Check it out:

This is all to say that I'm deeply conflicted about missing the show tonight because I am too much of a #SportsNut to miss the NBA Finals G1, even though I have a sickening feeling that the Warriors will win in a colossal blowout. SMDH.

🍕⏰is any⏰