Ep. 288. Oh wow another edition of my incredibly popular podcast. This one gets REAL folks.


The Knife in My Back is Beautiful
Badger Brain
Growing Bored, Can't Conform
I Would Like to Think You Weren't Laughing When You Did That Thing
Yip Harburg Died Three Months Before I Was Born
Putting 5 Uncrackable Pistachios in My Pocket
The Swan… a Kook
The Eagle Has Landed Cock-Blocked 🇺🇸 from Reaching Its True Potential
The Dove
Faulty Mechanisms Working in Reverse
Preamble (Coda for a Code)
 = The 🐦 Trilogy | *coming soon | preview art here

I can't with all this nazi white supremacist shit

Like i literally kant. My name is Zlot all of a sudden and my eyes kant do reading. Its just random wiki in the wiki app for me or give me death

I'd like to talk about two things I saw on Monday, August 7th, 2017 (earlier this week). On the left (A), I wondered why they put the sticker on this car sideways. On the right, (B) this fella in the grocery store had a shirt that said "Paris" and it had a picture of the E-Tower on it (sorry the photo is blurry). That's all I wanted to talk about now.