Ep. 267. This one got flubbed and ended abruptly but I mostly wanted to talk about how this show is now available on Stitcher
The Jeffkkast, a podcast I apparently do (?), is now available via the STITCHER website/app. I added it to this space on the web because Stitcher is in fact what I primarily use to digest (ingest?) pods. So it seemed right to add it on this platform. OK THATS ALL BYE.
If I were the type of people who replied to tweets, I would've wrote, "finally... a goatee for MEN" (something like that).

adding to my expereince last night watching the TWIN PEAKS RETURN PARTS 1&2:

  • my dad was sleeping sitting straight up on the couch in the adjacent room
    (could hear his breathing throughout)
  • my parents dog who is old and has these weird open sores was sleeping near
    me and the stink her sores emit is truly something
I am the boy without subplot, moving through this world of sludge a vessel better suited for carrying pet birds to and from the pet bird morgue to I.D. their dead pet bird counterparts. The horrific accidents they endure are not so different than our every moment. I am a parrot and I was never the boy.