I give these film a 3.505 out of 10.000! That's a right, a three-way tie for sucking majorly!

My Top 5 Movies of 2017

5. The Beguiled: kind of a distant 5th at this point; I'm still catching up on most of the good ones and would assume this falls out (but based on score, I'll leave it here).

4. Brigsby Bear: a rare treat where the audacity of a wacky premise is equaled by the strength of performers/execution.

3. Nathan for You: Finding Frances: not technically a "movie" but who cares! This feature length piece is one of the most original things I've seen in awhile.

2. Phantom Thread: PTA continues his reign as the best filmmaker in the world right now; my podcast review is forthcoming.

1. Lady Bird: a classic.

$43.17 + $2.16 + $5.49

$40 (CASH) + $28.85

Hi. I forgot to keep the reciepts for these transactions. Please forgive me. I got cash out to buy beer at the Purling Hiss show I went to and then I spent $28.85 on a bottle of wine and a six-pack for watching the playoffs yesterday at my bro-in-law's. January's total remaining spenditure =

I like movies and music and other forms of art


It would interesting and nice if everyone was in a band and also an author and everyone's houses would just be music/bookshops where you could peruse their output; just by touching a physical artifact you would then magically 'own' said artifact in the digital platform of your choosing. Everything would be in the cloud and also real and we'd all really be on Cloud-9™. The End.


A lot of people are sharing the exact time they first heard the new DJPT. #Humbled :)

[released Exclusively™ via vk/RITEAID Records]

On 'the new money' ($10.40)

I been using the $ tag for awhile, albeit inconsistently and in an inconsistent manner. But I finally got my finances in order and all my cc balances current at a big beautiful ZERO, bb! So, from henceforth on forward and so on, let this be the definitive post when it all started to change. Allow me to welcome you to the math of my brain (soul) ...

So I have roughly $1,228 in bills each month. This includes around $220 in student loans and my mortgage half which is $775. The rest are cable, cellphones for my wife and I, $10 Planet Fitness, etc. etc. You know, bills... right? I've decided to (try to) put away $300 each month into my savings account which currently has a whopping $3.25 in it. So bills + savings = $1,558. OK great.

I roughly pull in $2,518 via my paycheck and a couple other small-amount freelance things I bill monthly. I say "roughly" because (obviously) the biggest chunk of that is my bi-weekly pay stub which doesn't work out perfectly to "monthly" just by counting it twice per month like a dumb person like me would do (and is doing). But... #Whatevz. If anything my system should result in a (small) surplus if, you know, it works.

So, where was I... after bills+savings, the difference is $960 a month in "FREE MONEY." Obviously, this is not "FREE MONEY" but just the "money that I have." AKA the money I will be buying food with and [literally everything else]. This feels like a fine amount of money but who knows? I really don't buy too much shit. I'm going to (starting RIGHT NOW!) adhere to a system of $1000 in "FREE MONEY" that I can't exceed, and thusly will be tracking all spending/purchases here on this live, public webpage (for some godforsaken reason).

Because the month is nearly half over, I'm gonna say I have $500 to spend. OK, great. The above $10.40 is for a concert I'm seeing tonight (Purling Hiss @ Kungfu Necktie) so 500-10.40=

Ta-da! The January Bank still has a decent amount of money it it! Wow what a great system. I should really package this up and build a startup around it or something. Financial Guru Jeff, out!

I can remember watching Synecdoche New York in a movie theater in Montgomery New Jersey when it came out and I was drinking some wine and I had to pee really badly during the second half of the movie. It sort of ruined it though I recall really loving the film. I'm not sure if I ever saw it again after that night. Seems funny that my first and strongest memory of it is having to pee cuz I was drinking wine in the theater. It makes me sad. We used to do that so often. Now I don't even have the opportunity to ruin movies.

Consistently surprised by the amount of stuff streaming on Amazon Unlimited.


Finally, after MySpace effed up, the semenal debut from DJ President Trump is BACK. ON. LINE. Check out the official vk™ page of Jack Smith (unaffiliated) via www.vk.com/riteaid and specifically this post here to DL/STREAM Jazz for Millennials in all its hot glory! And thx y'all for bein' a-part of this journey. We gonna keep it and also keep it on & on (ya feel?)... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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wait what's that sound?


Enjoy the one 09 EP right here on this very website, embedded even:

Psy didn't say "CLOSE GANGNAM STYLE," did he? No. No. He said "OPPA (open) 강남스타일 (gangnam style)" as in "Open your hearts to the Lord." Yes. Yes, he did. And that is what we shall do. Oppa our hearts. Psy is Our Lord™. Gob bless.
one 09 (coming tomorrow) is a direct response to today never happening. I am sorry that day didn't happen but I hope you like the new music project from ''local boy done good'' the 1& only ...

S T A Y _ T U N E D