Ep. 439: TEST EPISODE (just a test)

#NewPodcast: Give it a listen, folks.
This ended up kinda being a review of the bad Wes Anderson movie, Isle of Dogs.

At least the Sox lost

$26.36 @ CVS – Philadelphia, PA

–Gout medication

...but I only made one

Check it out here.

🍕 T h o u g h t s

as an unapologetic lover of PAPA JOHNS (the pizza, not the man) I am obviously torn about what is looking like the end of the pizza franchise. While on the one hand, I will miss eating this disgusting slop once every five years or so, and on the other: a horrible human being is getting what they deserve. Hmmm.

"Militant Elegance" b/w "Clone the Itch"

First single off of True Confessions LP🔥

I only have 1 eBay alert...

...It's for a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball hat (AA minor league affiliate of the Marlins). Look at that logo; I love it.

But apparently so do a lot of people because these damn things are never lower than ~30 bucks! I'm'a gonna pull that trigger (🔫) around $10, and I might be even hit up $18-20 for brand new. But $34.99 is too damn much for a baseball hat. Thanks for reading this post.

A Tale of Two Runs

Yesterday (image:left) I got caught in the rain; This morning (image:right) I got caught in the sun. Hence the difference in avg. pace. Speaking of which, this morning's run––which was identical to two days ago––was four seconds worse :( and a near 10-minute mile is really bad (I feel like I should be doing these shorties at like 8:45-9). It goes to show that when you get out of shape it's almost always worse than you think. There is a correction that takes place in the mind that can be dangerous. But I can't be defeated.

🎌 • 🎌 • 🎌 • 🎌 • 🎌 • 🎌

The "Where People Listen" stats on my little nook at Spotify is kinda fascinating... like none of those folks were there on purpose (?) but I'm big in Italy (?)

I forgot you have the ability to upload videos on Russian Facebook™ now

Link after the jump!

Here is a bookstore that liked a tweet i did about pecan pie


Life on 🌎 is amazin'

🌍h yes it 🌎h yes it is 🌏h yes it is
A special double feature to celebrate my return to the movie review podcasting game. In this, the 123rd Ep of The Movie Review show, I Jeff of the jeffkkast podcast feed, examine THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE: last year's childrens film Despicable Me 3! And also I talk about Citizen Kane 1 too


The custom background of my gmail is a photo i took of a window-unit A/C maybe 8-9 years ago.