I can't quit u

Despite my (relative) lack of proficiency in the arena, I continue to gamble on sports nearly every chance I get, which is to say whenever I want, given the (not so relative) lack of constraints of the www. Anyway, I've been reduced to picking sides on what I choose to believe are cosmic whims. For example, I just listened to and enjoyed this new Danny Brown project so whoever the hell "D Brown" is in the above tennis contest, well, he is whom I'm backing (this betrayal of PAIRE who did his part for me yesterday is duly noted).

Of course, I didn't actually bet on Mr. D Brown at all in the two separate wagers posted above, now did I? But they are both in the spirit of betting on him and, as standalone investments, they both offer better payouts than simply betting on him to the win the match straight up. I am putting my cash on the spirit of the underdog to make this a thrilling (read: long) tennis contest, you see. But as my luck would have it D will surely win in straight sets: 6-3, 7-6 … mon dieu, l'horreur


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