I had a really weird dream last night. Well, this morning actually. It was ~7AM. I was in a parking garage in Connecticut. I was helping a friend of mine with his baby stroller, which––in this dreamscape––was some ungodly huge creation, a double stroller for his two kids. We had to store this stroller with the parking attendant lady and I took charge of this mission as everyone we were with went on ahead. The attendant lady was really attractive and––not that this matters, but I'm gonna mention it anyway: African-American.

Anyway, as I was done lifting this monstrosity over a gate and into the area she told us to store it, I said thank you and kind of tapped her on the shoulder as it was clear she was doing us huge favor. She then proceeded to like stroke my butt as I moved past her and there was this deep, very palpable sexual tension and glance exchange. It was pretty sweet. But then I woke up.


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