Traveling is stressful. It's like two trains, a plane, and a car for me to get to Nashville from Philadelphia and I have to make sure my body is in the right place each time and I have to make sure my brain does all the right things and acquires the correct passes to give to people to let me travel on these modes of transportation. For example, I needed to get a metal token at a stand for the first train, a tiny little ticket from a window for the second one (which I'm on now) and then I'll have to go to a kiosk at the airport to get that pass. Don't even get me started on the rest of the airport experience! The last part of the journey—a taxi to my hotel—is arguably the least stressful part because I just have to find a cab and tell the person where I want to go. We've complicated things, us humans. Don't ask me why or how but that's what we did. Best bet is to just roll with it. Enjoy the ride.


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