From $8 to $88,000: VOL. I: "Katy Perry made me do it"

You can't start with a whimper. Anyone will tell you this. You must start with a roar. I have a parlay working on this baseball game: The Indians (Kluber v Price) at -103 and the over 7.4 (-105). This parlay is valued at +285. I am using $5 of the $8 on this game. When it wins I will be paid $14.24. What about those other $3 you ask? Good question. I have the Rangers -0.5 over the first five innings at +105 (to win $3.15) in their contest v Toronto.

At ~8PM I will have turned eight dollars into $25.39. I will be placing a $20 wager on the late college game this evening (Boise St. @ New Mexico). Tune in later for From $8 to $88,000: VOL. II.

DEEPER DIVE: The Indians and Rangers are both people mascots. The Red Sox are just socks and The Bluejays are just birds. In Katy Perry's #1 Hit "Roar" she sings, "I wanna hear you roar." Well, a sock isn't gonna roar and damned if a bird isn't gonna just tweet or chirp or what have you. The decision was easy. Bang the home teams this afternoon in the MLB Playoffs if you wanna win some dough.


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