2001: The Real History of the USA

This is the first chapter of a ~3K-word novel attempt, which I wrote circa 2008-2009. IDK what I should do with it. It's so bad. At this point, I should probably just post it 'as is' on this blog and be done with it. There are a few writing things from this era of my life which are almost as bad, but this is kind of unique in its badness (from a tone point of view, especially). A lot of the other stuff I think I'm gonna edit as best I can and package as a book of short stories.

(This is all part of a larger decluttering effort I have recently began. POST or DELETE is my new motto when it comes to all this unfinished shit––be it physical art, random Google docs, music files, etc.)

UPDATE: Here it is LOL. So edgy and raw. The Next Great American Novel™.


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