I ran the Philadelphia Marathon

Yeah, I did.

Back in November of '14. I meant to blog about it but you know how these things go...
I'm just going to bullet-point some highlights:

  • The picture on the left (and funkified in gif format above) was a selfie I took with my brother around mile 23. It is probably the coolest picture I've ever appeared in.
  • The picture above is from the start of the race and is also a good one.
  • My brother and I briefly talked about doing a marathon every other year in a different city. We haven't talked about it again, though, and I worry it won't actually happen. His wife is having identical twin girls in May.

  • I'm not surprised that we finished and our time was about where I thought it would be (I honestly didn't think too much about it while training).
  • If/when I run another one, I am going to train harder though.
  • I was more surprised how sore I was immediately afterwards but less surprised I wasn't sore longer (I felt totally OK in about three days).
  • I didn't sleep a wink the night before, like not even five minutes. So if you were wondering if it was physically possible to run a marathon without sleeping, the answer is YES!
  • GROSS ALERT: I had a bad case of the runs after the race and pooped 3-4 times at the Frankford Hall beer garden during the post-race celebration.
  • Despite that, I had a great time partying afterwards. The dehydration and lack of sleep left me feeling pretty loopy and I went with it.

  • My brother and sister and I watched the Giants-Cowboys game, which will forever be remembered for the famous Odell Beckham Jr. catch and not for the completely lackluster 2014 G-Men season.
  • The weather was unseasonably warm and all together it was a really nice and memorable day with family and friends.
  • This event probably deserved better than a bullets-point rundown.

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