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I am now sharing over 20 years' (and counting) worth of original music via copious full-length LPs (below), EPs, my song-a-day project, and theoretical albums. The Pizza Puppies have been making music by any means possible since they were children. Before I knew it, they'd amassed a collection of nearly 8,000 songs! And all they were doing was sitting on hard drives, collecting digital dust. This is one of the reasons why I created www.myameri.ca: to finally have an outlet to share this music with the world.

It is the "My America Industries Promise™" that all this music will be copyright-free and available to stream and download at no charge, for as long as an internet exists, amen (See Bandcamp). If you'd like to support this effort, pay what you can for albums via Bandcamp, but the absolute best way to support The Pizza Puppies is to sign up for ¢lub 333: What's that? For just $3.33/month you can become an official Pizza Puppy yourself (!) and get unlimited downloads/full streaming access to the entire catalogue + an original rock opera written just for you! Whoa.

Another way to support the cause is to buy a custom song, written just for you for only $5. That's pretty cool.

I know this isn't the best music in the world, but I am proud to say that it is something and it definitely exists. Who knows what the future holds in terms of new music, but I am relishing this new hobby as self-preservationist/archivist in addition to my roles as CEO of My America Industries and the very proud manager/creative director of super-duper art collective / mysterious entity, The Pizza Puppies (currently comprising a roster of over 125 artists and bands).

I encourage you to share this music far and wide. Thank you.

Sincerely, Justin Jefferson

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Pizza Puppies Recordings — Full Catalog (includes EPs & Other Projects)

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LPs »»»
† = indicates former theoretical LP
001 | Likes: I Had Sixteen Days to Mail These Postcards from Mercury, But I Failed Miserably
002 | Likes 2: Braintainting Audiodebris and the Remnants of the Postcards from Mercury
003 | Songs of the Unfinished Spine
004 | A Bright and Shiny Cure for Sexual Cancer
005 | Alone and Spineless
006 | Hide the Courage
007 | Fetus Junkie, Acts I-II
008 | A Cappella Lullabies from Hell, Vol. I
009 | Born of Monster
010 | Friendship by Knifepoint
011 | Sea of Bliss: The Cassette Tape Anthology
012 | R.U. Ready 2 Rock?
013 | Try Isemesisis
014 | Songs of the Day
015 | The Disintegration of Values in Outerspace
016 | The Dingo
017 | The 2008 New York Yankees
018 | New Spine Blues
019 | Fake Songs about My Future Wife
020 | Lovefucker
021 | My Life the Daydream
022 | Provender
023 | Nothing I Own Works
024 | January and June
025 | Real Icicles
026 | Kill Beachwood
027 | Toy Xylophone and Frost
028 | The 9​.​8​.​09 Multnomah County Sheriff's Office 24​-​Hour Booking Log: Pop Music Edition
029 | Nonelucidating Ribozo
030 | Next Stop
031 | Ozzie Guillen's Twitter in Song: The First 253 Tweets
032 | Hot Asphalt Blues
033 | The Time Machine
034 | Spine Time
035 | Backbone of Regalia
036 | Who's Got the Time?! Classic Albums Condensed
037 | QPS: Quitters Prep School
038 | Lamatzah????
039 | Say Yes to the Dress: Original Music Score
040 | 9/11: The Album
041 | Twitpella, Vol. I: The Renaissance
042 | Twitpella, Vol. II: Smashed Economy
043 | Twitpella, Vol. III: Vagary
044 | Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book One: To)
045 | Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book Two: From)
046 | AA: The Ballads
047 | Jazz for Millennials
048 | Make Real
049 | Long​-​Distance Runner
050 | 𝔼𝕍𝕀𝕃
051 | ¿mediuh?
052 | A Face in the Crowd
053 | 2020 in a Nut Shell
054 | Aunt Jackonoff
056 | Break Shit with Your Wands, Kids
057 | SnapSongs™
058 | Total Dumbey
059 | Mecca Rising
060 | On Id
061 | Twitpella, Vol. IV: The Numbness Game
062 | Select Soundtracks from Experimental Film Work 2013
063 | New Real Thing
064 | Select Commercials, Shitposts & Other Digital Ephemera (Circa 17-19): Original Movie Soundtrack
066 | Movie Songs
067 | Oeuvre∴Undular
068 | The Mountain Eagle
069 | Celebrate The 44th!
070 | Water Music
071 | 不​会​不​会

EPs »»»

EP1-001 | The Policy of Being Too Cautious
EP1-002 | Punishment
EP1-003 | Sick Society
EP1-004 | What He Becomes
EP1-005 | Outright Dislike
EP1-006 | Daring to Risk
EP1-007 | The Heart Unwrinkled
EP1-008 | Born with a Nightmare
EP1-009 | Positive Fools
EP1-010 | Your 'Thanks Box' is Warped
EP1-011 | I Shall Someday Die
EP1-012 | The Cooling Influence of the World
EP1-013 | Perfect Moment
EP1-014 | Experts
EP1-015 | Works
EP1-016 | Born in Hatred
EP1-017 | A Normal, Healthy, Well-Adjusted Adult
EP1-018 | Anger Dwells
EP1-019 | The Dust of Everyday Life
EP1-020 | The Average Ape
EP1-021 | An Insignificant Planet of a Humdrum Star
EP1-022 | Sixty
EP1-023 | Fleeting Human Passions
EP1-024 | Attention of the World
EP1-025 | God Gave Us Memories
EP1-026 | France
EP1-027 | Only So Many Tomorrows
EP1-028 | Success is Relative
EP1-029 | Don't Give Up
EP1-030 | The Appellation
EP1-031 | One Hour of Thoughtful Solitude
EP1-032 | Fun & Fear
EP1-033 | His Own Side in a Quarrel
EP1-034 | Requested Fake
EP1-035 | The Real Enemy
EP1-036 | Life is Like a Dogsled Race
EP1-037 | Double Victory
EP1-038 | To Make an Enemy
EP1-039 | The Years Will Take Care of Themselves
EP1-040 | Kill Something
EP1-041 | Exact Value to Your Listener
EP1-042 | Completely Dead
EP1-043 | As a Roaring Lion
EP1-044 | Without Folly
EP1-045 | One Blasphemy
EP1-046 | The Wave of the World is Wrong
EP1-047 | Propensitate of Prejudice
EP1-048 | Wise
EP1-049 | In Wildness
EP1-050 | Freedom from Fear
EP1-051 | Mental Illness
EP1-052 | Hug
EP1-053 | We Do Not Experience It
EP1-054 | With or Without Bloodshed
EP1-055 | Impotence
EP1-056 | A Strange Complaint
EP1-057 | The National Rifle Association
EP1-058 | Strange Seas of Thought
EP1-059 | God
EP1-060 | What No Words Can Utter
EP1-061 | Most Men Buy Nothing
EP1-062 | Adolescence and Obsolescence
EP1-063 | Trifles Go
EP1-064 | Whatever You are from Nature
EP1-065 | Unpopular Masterpiece
EP1-066 | All Progress
EP1-067 | Any Clod
EP1-068 | Barnum Was Wrong
EP1-069 | The Devil
EP1-070 | Seize the Moment of Excited Curiosity
EP1-071 | Never
EP1-072 | Necessary Invention
EP1-073 | No Crime
EP1-074 | Hamburger Technology
EP1-075 | We Are Loved
EP1-076 | Tolerating Ambiguity
EP1-077 | Polls
EP1-078 | The Test
EP1-079 | Something Bad
EP1-080 | Use of Imagination
EP1-081 | Run Itself to Death
EP1-082 | All the Things
EP1-083 | One Language
EP1-084 | Age
EP1-085 | Ornament of a House
EP1-086 | The Things Most People Think Are Pretty Smart Are Pretty Dumb
EP1-087 | Picturesque Bad Manners
EP1-088 | Fences
EP1-089 | Dote
EP1-090 | Things That We Would Throw Away
EP1-091 | The Sober Veil
EP1-092 | Aviation
EP1-093 | Purgation of Emotions
EP1-094 | Against the Oppressor
EP1-095 | Lay Hold on Heaven
EP1-096 | Don't Worry About Your Equipment
EP1-097 | Bad Hops
EP1-098 | The Dumber People
EP1-099 | All the Events of Your Life
EP1-100 | I Hate Music
EP2-101 | Black Spaghetti
EP2-102 | Taco-Fox Betrayal Unit, Saturn 2019
EP2-103 | This Missive Unrelated
EP2-104 | Symbolik Chortling
EP2-105 | Stereoptician
EP2-106 | Fickle Fritz
EP2-107 | Alcoholic Head Football Coach
EP2-108 | The Red-Faced People of the New Age Bar
EP2-109 | The Spotlight
EP2-110 | I Am a Furcoat
EP2-111 | Door
EP2-112 | Who Am I to Say?
EP2-113 | Waiting for the Wind
EP2-114 | Hospital Apologies
EP2-115 | Orange Santa Suit
EP2-116 | Assplay Sojourn 2
EP2-117 | Pizza Ship is Sinking
EP2-118 | Nine
EP2-119 | A Real "Must"
EP2-120 | Lepa Dupham
EP2-121 | Nice Autosave
EP2-122 | Particularly Flooding Floors
EP2-123 | Panda Meat
EP2-124 | Hot Metal High
EP2-125 | Brosita
EP2-126 | Talentless Piece of Shit
EP2-127 | Barf Balladz
EP2-128 | Melodies & Joy
EP2-129 | The Latest Black Keys Album
EP2-130 | LEAD
EP2-131 | Wink or Whim
EP2-132 | Nuke Toddlers
EP2-133 | Steve the Horse & The Lemon Machine
EP2-134 | Post-Singularity
EP2-135 | The Island Library
EP2-136 | Alone Forever
EP2-137 | Hands Around Your Own Neck
EP2-138 | Chill Wind Factor
EP2-139 | Full Circle
EP2-140 | Spambot of Love
EP2-141 | Elivindarye
EP2-142 | Total Control
EP2-143 | Born Exactly the Same
EP2-144 | Human
EP2-145 | Surprise Party! Overcast in Party Land
EP2-146 | Select Trouser Songs, 2006-2009
EP2-147 | Johnny Kill the Mermaids
EP2-148 | Fuck My Lingo
EP2-149 | Winning Man
EP2-150 | Hammer Thru
EP2-151 | Deserved of It
EP2-152 | Matadors
EP2-153 | Rust Belt Tetanus Paw-Paw: Meditations on Punishment
EP2-154 | The Tiniest War
EP2-155 | Animalsongs
EP2-156 | A Book Exists in Your Heart
EP2-157 | Don't Touch My Lungs
EP2-158 | Bucket of Bile
EP2-159 | Pageantry of Imagery
EP2-160 | Dumb Songs from the Evolved Tiger Mall
EP2-161 | Pushes Piano, Feels No Pain
EP2-162 | More Better Deathsongs
EP2-163 | Show You All in Time
EP2-164 | Pretense Horizon
EP2-165 | A Fatal Blow
EP2-166 | I'm Awake
EP2-167 | Malnourished and in Love
EP2-168 | You Know What I Mean
EP2-169 | What Whales Can Do
EP2-170 | Life is a Steal
EP2-171 | Endless Omens
EP2-172 | Tom the Graveyard Wizard
EP2-173 | No One Was Made for Their Times
EP2-174 | Small Town
EP2-175 | Cynic Crisis
EP2-176 | The Meat Factory
EP2-177 | Forever in Control: Modern Skype Rock N Rollers
EP2-178 | Hammer
EP2-179 | Flowers & Shit
EP2-180 | Scarves
EP2-181 | My Life is Worthless
EP2-182 | The Armless Man Will Walk Again
EP2-183 | The Bathroom Trash Can at Bono's House
EP2-184 | Various Trophies
EP2-185 | These Songs are a Violation of Trust
EP2-186 | Logos Upside Down
EP2-187 | Magnificent Passage
EP2-188 | Humans Are Better
EP2-189 | Pimp Scampi
EP2-190 | I Changed My Mind
EP2-191 | Eagle Wings
EP2-192 | Seeking a Friend
EP2-193 | Chess
EP2-194 | Every Human is a Member of My Band
EP2-195 | Gopher Economy
EP2-196 | The Lost Z's 2: Gumption of the Night
EP2-197 | Glass House Ringwald Binge
EP2-198 | The Shoe Factory
EP2-199 | Calam
EP2-200 | Backwards Nomo
EP3-201 | Style K
EP3-202 | Raised Jazz, Dies
EP3-203 | Boston By
EP3-204 | Public England Hijab Sounder
EP3-205 | Company Goner
EP3-206 | Fails in Upscale
EP3-207 | The Windpipe Event
EP3-208 | Consuming Glamour
EP3-209 | Gay Widow York Need?
EP3-210 | Michael
EP3-211 | Drug A
EP3-212 | During Mississippi
EP3-213 | The Toe
EP3-214 | In Edward Association S
EP3-215 | Cheaper Contagion
EP3-216 | Brewed Opinion
EP3-217 | Safety Sublime
EP3-218 | Pushes War Will Four
EP3-219 | Pepper Narrow
EP3-220 | Lemon in Unusually
EP3-221 | That Science!
EP3-222 | Time Churches: Talk Quest
EP3-223 | Home is Technology
EP3-224 | Soccer Damaged
EP3-225 | Obama Summer
EP3-226 | By of Drama
EP3-227 | Down Home Speech
EP3-228 | Grandfather Conflict
EP3-229 | John Between Aeration
EP3-230 | Julian Jokes
EP3-231 | Killed Weddings
EP3-232 | Cicadas by Nagourney
EP3-233 | Google of News
EP3-234 | Dummies Machine
EP3-235 | Mandela
EP3-236 | Michael Stiglitz
EP3-237 | Sebnem
EP3-238 | Used Pop!
EP3-239 | Panopticon Inn
EP3-240 | Hybrid Slide
EP3-241 | Crosswords Dissident
EP3-242 | Download Islam
EP3-243 | Rough Report for Tradition
EP3-244 | X Slide Movie Boost
EP3-245 | Said Civics
EP3-246 | Test Recruitment Foes
EP3-247 | Musharraf
EP3-248 | Goal Attic
EP3-249 | Nachos Classified
EP3-250 | Orphanage Advertising
EP3-251 | World Illness Four
EP3-252 | The Bantu
EP3-253 | Killed Garden
EP3-254 | Mutation Fault
EP3-255 | Terms Shaky to Prudence
EP3-256 | Future China
EP3-257 | Living Weak Huh
EP3-258 | Last Road Will
EP3-259 | Maxiscooter Arena
EP3-260 | Least Capital Perfect Life
EP3-261 | Feeling Escrow
EP3-262 | Tracking of Fed Condos
EP3-263 | Legal Lawyers
EP3-264 | Education by Advisors
EP3-265 | Suicide Last
EP3-266 | Guthrie Landler in Certaintyfashion
EP3-267 | Warrantless Was
EP3-268 | Past Antisecrecy Small
EP3-269 | Sengupta
EP3-270 | Year Music
EP3-271 | Chang Tools
EP3-272 | Savage Focuses
EP3-273 | Video Mohamed and Tools
EP3-274 | Bohemia Digital EZ Gridlock
EP3-275 | Brain Tries Ball
EP3-276 | Hard in the Admitted
EP3-277 | Calamity of Opinion
EP3-278 | Gay Economy Dealbook
EP3-279 | Poet Job
EP3-280 | Former Television Choices Huh
EP3-281 | On Rest
EP3-282 | Cohen
EP3-283 | Widespread Us
EP3-284 | Walking Love
EP3-285 | Chemical Test Pale
EP3-286 | Post-Musical
EP3-287 | Joe Said Ed
EP3-288 | Cornered in America, Huh?
EP3-289 | Style Ego
EP3-290 | Soft Target
EP3-291 | West Silvia Diphtheria: Songs for Pierce Strawberry
EP3-292 | Seville Geneva
EP3-293 | Of Passion Old
EP3-294 | Imerosseous
EP3-295 | Large York News
EP3-296 | Accused Anxiety Orators
EP3-297 | On Regent
EP3-298 | Dies Nada
EP3-299 | Killings Week
EP3-300 | Violence
EP4-301 | The Ungulate *
EP4-302 | All Truth is White and the Green Room is Red *
EP4-303 | Some American Sun Songs
EP4-304 | Novosibirsk
EP4-305 | He Who Snaps Last, Snaps Longest
EP4-306 | Patchwork: 10 Phantom B-Sides for the Federal Gov't
EP4-307 | BRANDZ
EP4-308 | No Molestar *
EP4-309 | Mile Zero
EP4-310 | one09
EP4-311 | The Prefect Human
EP4-312 | Seminal Brevity
EP4-313 | في في (Fe Fe)
EP4-314 | Alabama
EP4-315 | An Infrequent History
EP4-316 | Text Messages
EP4-317 | Evil Will Not Ever Prevail
EP4-318 | FOCUs ('Ε¦๏lΠΊ' Üร)
EP4-319 | 30th Century BC
EP4-320 | 7 Shitty Songs in D Minor
EP4-321 | ©LAMP
EP4-322 | M.Y.S. Pace [an incomplete audiobook]
EP4-323 | Quokka Island Quarantine
EP4-324 | Last Evenings on Earth
EP4-325 | Self-Titled
EP4-326 | Breensongs
EP4-327 | Iowa & Idaho
EP4-328 | Boise Stasis
EP4-329 | In Liechtenstein

SNAPs »»»
SS00001 | Unity
SS00002 | Then the Dog Piss Froze
SS00003 | All Yüng Dreamers
SS00004 | Low
SS00005 | Out of Play
SS00006 | The Tofu Children
SS00007 | The Chrome Ponies
SS00008 | Tim Bucks 2
SS00009 | Murder Weapon
SS00010 | Lobster Boy
SS00011 | Disco Baby Hoopla
SS00012 | Ain't No Demise
SS00013 | February'll
SS00014 | Terror on the Airlines
SS00015 | Weirdo in a Hazmat Suit
SS00016 | The Last Dad on Planet D-Bag
SS00017 | Dead & Alive
SS00018 | Your Life
SS00019 | Lo Mein on Paper
SS00020 | In Ecuador
SS00021 | Can't Tell from My Selfies
SS00022 | Rioting Right
SS00023 | Rigatoni Steve
SS00024 | Nice in the Morning
SS00025 | Hot Fractals in Practice
SS00026 | Weirdo
SS00027 | Nope
SS00028 | Power Your Soul
SS00029 | Easter Zebras
SS00030 | Bye Bye Butt
SS00031 | Be the Beaver
SS00032 | Everyone's a Weasel
SS00033 | Dying Inside
SS00034 | Whisper to Lichtenstein
SS00035 | With Apathy
SS00036 | The Temperature
SS00037 | Pastry Freak
SS00038 | Toilet Soul
SS00039 | Audioworm
SS00040 | Popcorn Shrimp
SS00041 | Lobster Poachers
SS00042 | Inside of Your Love
SS00043 | Leave the Meat Alone
SS00044 | Baby, You're a Dingo Too
SS00045 | To the Tooth
SS00046 | How Many People Do You Know? (Brain Bully)
SS00047 | The World Needs a Little More Love
SS00048 | I Don't Think You Understand Me (Baby)
SS00049 | 1000 & Death %
SS00050 | A Lexus in East Texas?
SS00051 | Party's Over
SS00052 | Nike Skyline
SS00053 | No-Eyes Bayou
SS00054 | 2010
SS00055 | Money Mouth
SS00056 | Burger Boy
SS00057 | Tiny Little Eyes
SS00058 | Serious Songs
SS00059 | Mai Tai High Tide WiFi
SS00060 | Blister Boys
SS00061 | Arc Light
SS00062 | Hot Jesus
SS00063 | Shalom, Scarducci
SS00064 | Blob
SS00065 | Emotive Seas
SS00066 | Water Polo
SS00067 | Fast Forward Mode
SS00068 | Love in the USA
SS00069 | I've Had Enough
SS00070 | Opinions Swarm
SS00071 | Bi-Curious Septuagenarians
SS00072 | Poop So Clean
SS00073 | Milk Duds
SS00074 | Cinnamon Backrubs
SS00075 | No More Juice
SS00076 | Olaf and the Babysitter
SS00077 | My Name is J
SS00078 | Skeleton Tho
SS00079 | Eclectic, Electric & Nice
SS00080 | Cool & Modern
SS00081 | Radio
SS00082 | Death Day
SS00083 | Koala Maximalist
SS00084 | Bossa Nova Town
SS00085 | Illegal Pet Crow
SS00086 | Don't Eat the Buildings
SS00087 | Oklahoma Shipwreck
SS00088 | A Poem in a Town with No Name
SS00089 | Illuminati Topsin
SS00090 | Base is Exposed
SS00091 | Emojis? My Cronies
SS00092 | Pono Coma
SS00093 | All Rust is Touched
SS00094 | Macho Lobotomy
SS00095 | Long Con Octopus Mom
SS00096 | In Dunkirk
SS00097 | 16 Robots
SS00098 | Living Next to Lizards
SS00099 | Lebanese Maybe
SS00100 | Drowning in a Mountain
SS∞: Check out the new SnapSongs™ in-progress album for new Snapchat Songs.

BY BANDs (132) »»»
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That Science!Tiny Little EyesWidespread Us 

2 Po
God Gave Us MemoriesOne Blasphemy

86-666 a/k/a REJECT SATAN!
The DevilPushes War Will Four

Google of News

Air 0
Everyone's a WeaselIllegal Pet Crow

Anti-Distortion Group Zero
Don't Give Up

Aunt Jackonoff
Aunt Jackonoff

The Bantu
The Bantu

Best Impressions
Popcorn Shrimp

Big Pig Zombie
Test Recruitment Foes

Bisby, Greg
R.U. Ready 2 Rock?

Blank Panters
Style K

Bolera, Arar
Barnum Was WrongEmojis? My CroniesReal Icicles

Bologna Homies
The Last Dad on Planet D-Bag

Boomerang Sleep
The Average Ape

BRANDZExact Value to Your ListenerLobster PoachersYour 'Thanks Box' is Warped

Cardamom II
Warrantless Was

Carl's Marks
Hybrid Slide

Castor Genus
Be the Beaver

C., Jimbo
His Own Side in a Quarrel

Castrated Decoy and the Pedro
The Temperature

Cheese Pup
The Chrome PoniesCinnamon Backrubs

Chet's Friend
Seminal Brevity
Chris's Chrism
Orphanage Advertising

Clatterbuck, John
John Between Aeration

Hot Fractals in PracticeMy Name is J

The Dust of Everyday LifeWeirdo in a Hazmat Suit

Color Babies
Purgation of Emotions

Creep B
Easter ZebrasSenguptaA Strange Complaint

Cristil Pistils
No CrimePerfect Moment

Crossection ~✞❏~
The Tofu Children

Savage Focuses

C'Russian It!
With or Without Bloodshed

Cryptic DJ Joe
In WildnessA Normal, Healthy, Well-Adjusted Adult

Cult of Eye Contact
Gay Economy DealbookOpinions SwarmTrifles Go

Cyst Turd Act
Hot Asphalt BluesLeave the Meat Alone

Things That We Would Throw Away

Dasher, Gloreen
Daring to Risk

Def Pianissimo
All ProgressMilk DudsTry IsemesisisWalking Love

Brain Tries BallLegal Lawyers

The Depressed Specialists
I Don't Think You Understand Me (Baby)

Base is ExposedLebanese MaybeMurder WeaponRun Itself to Death

Difficult Mother
Cheaper Contagion

Diphtheria Crew 22.2
Fails in Upscale

DJ President Trump
2020 in a Nut ShellJazz for MillennialsLarge York NewsMake Realone09

Down Home Speech
Down Home Speech

By of Drama

The Dumber People
The Dumber People 

1000 & Death %

East Sitter
Can't Tell from My Selfies

Bi-Curious Septuagenarians Christmas Shopping in Spain

Echo's Glenn
Bohemia Digital EZ Gridlock
Michael Stiglitz

≡L L≡≡ (El Lee)
Born with a NightmareNonelucidating RibozoWe Do Not Experience It

Elitist Feeding Tube (EFT)

Against the OppressorSebnemTerror on the Airlines

Adolescence and Obsolescence

Essence Loo
Toilet Soul

Alone and SpinelessKoala MaximalistPositive Fools

E†S, a man
What No Words Can Utter

Factory Appetizers
LowPropensitate of Prejudice

Feet Peeps
All the Events of Your LifeThe Toe


Long Con Octopus MomParty's Over

The First True Map of the Earth
During MississippiOn RegentThe Sober Veil

The Frenchingmen

Game of Gates
The Test

Gerboli, Arin
Outright DislikeTim Bucks 2

The Gods of Good Pants
Lay Hold on HeavenOf Passion Old 
     • Requested Fake

The Gravel Boys
Nachos ClassifiedUnity

Grunt Control
The National Rifle Association

Guadalupe Peg
Bohemia Digital EZ GridlockMichael

Hamburg Errs
Hamburger TechnologyMutation Fault

Hamptons, Ike
The AppellationJoe Said EdSafety Sublime

I Hate Music

Hen Avenue
Rough Report for Tradition

hero she ma
Home is TechnologyThe Real Enemy

His Halo is Just a Pizza
Cool & ModernEmotive SeasGod

Howl, Vernon
30th Century BCThe 9​.​8​.​09 Multnomah County Sheriff's Office 24​-​Hour Booking Log: Pop Music EditionAA: The BalladsBad HopsA Cappella Lullabies from Hell, Vol. ICompany GonerThe DingoDon't Worry About Your Equipment𝔼𝕍𝕀𝕃Fetus Junkie, Acts I-IIFlagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book One: To)Flagger Ahead: Songs for the Road That Drove Itself Insane (Book Two: From)In LiechtensteinJanuary and JuneLong-Distance RunnerOrnament of a HouseSay Yes to the Dress: Original Music ScoreSelect Soundtracks from Experimental Film Work 2013Strange Seas of ThoughtTotal DumbeyTwitpella, Vol. I: The RenaissanceTwitpella, Vol. II: Smashed EconomyTwitpella, Vol. III: VagaryTwitpella, Vol. IV: The Numbness Game不​会​不​会
Hypnotic Bakery
Burger BoyCalamity of Opinion

Ill-Fitting Bra
Dying Inside

Imagine Horny Dragons
Arc LightDoteBoston By

Imperial Cigar Posse
Living Next to LizardsThe World Needs a Little More Love

Ionian Mode
Least Capital Perfect Life

Panopticon Inn

Raised Jazz, Dies

Jkohnson, Tzom
Freedom from Fear

Juiced Mortician
Public England Hijab SounderShalom, Scarducci

Just Jeff
A Face in the CrowdBreensongsIowa & IdahoBoise StasisMovie SongsOn IdSelect Commercials, Shitposts & Other Digital Ephemera (Circa 17-19): Original Movie SoundtrackSelf-TitledWater Musicفي في (Fe Fe)

Kmart Tarps
Julian JokesMental IllnessPunishment

Lamb Buckingham
Crosswords DissidentWithout Folly

Landler, Guthrie
Guthrie Landler in Certaintyfashion

Le Quitters
QPS: Quitters Prep School

Chemical Test PaleFleeting Human PassionsLife is Like a Dogsled Race

Liquid Pig
Brewed OpinionOklahoma Shipwreck

Lobster Boy & The Dubious Dudes
Living Weah HuhLobster Boy

Macho Lobotomy

The Magic Mafia


Mantra Chompers
Killed GardenRioting Right

Maximum Minor Alliance (MMA)
2010Seville Geneva 

Past Antisecrecy Small

MC Nothingness
All Truth is White and the Green Room is RedSkeleton Tho

McHemsworth, Devlin Dean
Anger DwellsNope

Meaty Diva Imperialists
Tracking of Fed Condos

Picturesque Bad Manners

Middle Manatee
The Disintegration of Values in Outer SpacePoet JobWorld Illness Four

Miso Soupy
Last Road Will

The Mole Stars
No Molestar

Bossa Nova TownMoney Mouth

Mojo Gopher
Killed Weddings

Mooch of Truth
I've Had Enough

Myo͞okΙ™s GrΓ‘ciΓ‘s
Baby, You're a Dingo Too

Mystery Moon Clues
Born in HatredNothing I Own WorksSomething Bad

Use of Imagination

Natural Vulture
One LanguageWhatever You are from Nature

Ned J

Niceties B4 Extremities
Nice in the Morning

Nit Up
16 RobotsAll Rust is Touched


Nokia Ocean
The Mountain EagleNecessary InventionOnly So Many TomorrowsProvender

Goal AtticsViolence

NΓΌ Flaunt Tiers
CohenFOCUs ('Ε¦๏lΠΊ' Üร)

of Palermo

Oily Rich
X Slide Movie Boost

The Optical Equivalent of a Wind Chime
Chang Tools

The Organic Idols
Grandfather ConflictNo-Eyes Bayou

The Original Deadheads
Completely Dead

Organized Cotton
Mai Tai High Tide WiFi

Pepper Narrow
     • Wise

The Pastry Freaks
Pastry Freak

Lemon in Unusually

ImerosseousThen the Dog Piss Froze

The Pizza Puppies
7 Shitty Songs in D Minor9/11: The AlbumBreak Shit with Your Wands, Kids©LAMPFriendship by KnifepointHe Who Snaps Last, Snaps LongestHis Own Side in a QuarrelKill SomethingMecca Rising¿mediuh?Mile ZeroThe Prefect HumanThe Policy of Being Too CautiousSea of Bliss: The Cassette Tape AnthologySnapSongs™STOCK FOOTAGE OF A HILLThe Time MachineTolerating AmbiguityWho's Got the Time?! Classic Albums Condensed

Plethora Trax
Feeling EscrowHow Many People Do You Know? (Brain BullY)

The Podcasts
Video Mohamed and Tools

Political Expert

PōltrΔ“ KΓ΄rnΔ“Ι™
Dead & Alive

Post-Emoji Communication Unit
An Insignificant Planet of a Humdrum StarTo Make an Enemy

The Promised Alternative
Hard in the AdmittedPoop So Clean

Proto Zamrockers
Former Television Choices HuhMaxiscooter Arena

Soccer Damaged

Pyro Memorial
Serious Songs

Gay Widow York Need?

The Rejection Sermon
Fast Forward ModeIn Edward Association S

Religion Linked to Obesity
Accused Anxiety OratorsDownload IslamSeize the Moment of Excited Curiosity

Education by Advisors

Retro Selectio
No More Juice

Revision Quilts

Rigatoni B.L.I.S.S. Squad 10
The Heart UnwrinkledPower Your Soul

Rigatoni Steve
Rigatoni SteveText Messages

Roth Kompany
NovosibirskThe Things Most People Think Are Pretty Smart Are Pretty Dumb

Ryan Howard 3

Saint Multimedia
The Windpipe Event

Saliva Utopia Six
Love in the USASaid Civics

Salmon of the Trash
A Lexus in East Texas?Illuminati Topspin

Sante Fe Punker
As a Roaring LionDouble Victory


SF Toilet People
I Shall Someday Die


Cornered in America, Huh?Disco Baby HooplaIn Ecuador

     • Celebrate The 44th!EPs – Series 2 (100 EPs)Last Evenings on EarthLikesLikes 2New Real ThingOeuvre∴UndularThe UngulateXXXL HELL

Skyway Meat
Hot JesusSuicide Last

Smith, Doug
All the ThingsSongs of the Day

Smyth, Enid
A Bright and Shiny Cure for Sexual Cancer

Smythe, Merlin Yardley
M.Y.S. Pace [an incomplete audiobook]

In DunkirkOne Hour of Thoughtful Solitude

Any ClodStyle Ego 

sp00kmonk '66
Water Polo

The SportzBlasters
The 2008 New York YankeesOzzie Guillen's Twitter in Song: The First 253 Tweets

St. Christina the Astonishing
Born of Monster

Super Rare Bug
Cicadas by NagourneyThe Cooling Influence of the WorldLo Mein on Paper

†ΰΈ„Ο‚๏ G๏D
Time Churches: Talk Quest

We Are Loved

Fun & Fear

Success is RelativeWhat He Becomes

To the Tooth
AudiowormPenitentary Dentures

Tribe Tropes
Whisper to Lichtenstein

Tripping Incumbents

Drowning in a MountainKillings WeekOut of Play

Olaf and the Babysitter

Quokka Island Quarantine

The Unfinished Spine
Backbone of RegaliaNew Spine BluesSpine TimeSongs of the Unfinished Spine

Unincorporated Community
Year Music

Uno Exclamation
Death Day

Drug A

USA Takko Club
Dies NadaEclectic, Electric & NiceWith ApathyThe Years Will Take Care of Themselves

The Vacation Cattle
Terms Shaky to Prudence

Used Pop!

Vast Astrix
Unpopular Masterpiece

Wall Russ
Dummies Machine

Ward, Piggy
Hide the Courage

Wave Dogs
Don't Eat the BuildingsThe Wave of the World is Wrong

Wheatenhurst, Roland
Your Life

Fake Songs About My Future WifeLovefuckerMy Life the Daydream

Wirth, Paz
Patchwork: 10 Phantom B-Sides for the Federal Gov't


Inside of Your LoveLamatzah????


XXX Mexicans
Nike Skyline

You Essay
Soft TargetSome American Sun Songs

Yüng Dreamers
Ain't No DemiseAll Yüng Dreamers

Yung Kneel
Pono Coma

Ze Hiroshima Popes
Most Men Buy NothingSick Society

Bye Bye ButtConsuming GlamourEvil Will Not Ever PrevailHugObama Summer

Ziv NK
Blister BoysOn RestA Poem in a Town with No Name

Zhonggup Delivery System
Future ChinaWest Silvia Diphtheria: Songs for Pierce Strawberry

These album don't exist. But they could. They have album titles, song titles, album covers and most have a general concept/feel already in place. They just need a benefactor. For $29.99 $99.99 (or more, or less if they're on SALE!**) you can be immortalized as Executive Producer and get your name on its page here at My America for eternity (and, please, by all means, feel free to 'give notes'; the Pizza Puppies might ignore you, as petulant creative-types are wont to do toward 'the brass' but, hey, definitely worth a try, no?).

In closing, The Pizza Puppies Arts Collective Record Label will be forever grateful for your patronage. Thanks for considering this proposal to make a fake album… real. New ones added all the time so check back here often!



T00001 | Racist Sex Acts in Public / Vegas Pub Stunts in Dublin πŸ₯š SALE!
T00002 | Break Shit with Your Wands, Kids 🍳 (LP51)
T00003 | The Glass is 49.7% Empty πŸ₯š SALE!
T00004 | What Women Want, or Me: The Album πŸ₯š SALE!
T00005 | Just Chillin' πŸ₯š SALE!
T00006 | Wall-to-Wall Inaction πŸ₯š SALE!
T00007 | Life of a horse in the eye of the storm πŸ₯š SALE!
T00008 | The Golden Age of Rock (1996​-​1998) πŸ₯š SALE!
T00009 | 40 More Songs πŸ₯š
T00010 | American Bile πŸ₯š
T00011 | Crouse and Coulter πŸ₯š
T00012 | SeΓ±or Pulpo πŸ₯š SALE!
T00013 | Killerass Wicked Boner Jamz πŸ₯š
T00014 | Killing the Ten-Toed Sloth... πŸ₯š
T00015 | Mayflower Brandy πŸ₯š
T00016 | Names πŸ₯š
T00017 | Nothing I Own Works 2 πŸ₯š
T00018 | One Man's Mankind and Comprehension Test πŸ₯š
T00019 | The Snyder Cut πŸ₯š SALE!
T00020 | Seven Shocking Pygmies (On Fire) πŸ₯š
T00021 | Heir of a Repulsive Face πŸ₯š
T00022 | The Doldrums Kicked My Ass πŸ₯š
T00023 | Heavenly Bodies Be Holding Me Down, or Everything: All the Time πŸ₯š
T00024 | Honey Mountain πŸ₯š
T00025 | x/x²: 2021 & Beyond πŸ₯š
T00026 | 23 πŸ₯š
T00027 | Wine Gravel Flute Gut πŸ₯š
T00028 | Useless Outlaw πŸ₯š
T00029 | What I'm Not, and Can & Can't Do πŸ₯š
T00030 | Scenes from the Newly Departed Athletic Club πŸ₯š
T00031 | Sheep Rock πŸ₯š
T00032 | Pennythought Abuse: Wakefield in Tranist πŸ₯š
T00033 | Windows of the World πŸ₯š
T00034 | Trash Can Lovers and Other Worthless Songs πŸ₯š
T00035 | How True is Your Sorrow? πŸ₯š
T00036 | Nightowl πŸ₯š
T00037 | Furry Fudge πŸ₯š
T00038 | Idle Rifles Make Good Friends πŸ₯š
T00039 | Necrology πŸ₯š
T00040 | If a Mustache Style Could Cure Heartache πŸ₯š
T00041 | The Fun πŸ₯š SALE!
T00042 | The American Radiohead πŸ₯š
T00043 | Listen to My Stuff πŸ₯š SALE!
T00044 | Nine 29 Tusk Easy πŸ₯š SALE!
T00045 | Paul Blart: Mall Cop: The Album πŸ₯šSALE!
T00046 | Salute My Significance πŸ₯š
T00047 | _ πŸ₯š
T00048 | Inverted Pyramid: The Stunted Runts of Glory πŸ₯š
T00049 | Bill Your Local Spaceman for His Crimes πŸ₯š
T00050 | Lessons of War πŸ₯šSALE!
T00051 | Mooo πŸ₯š
T00052 | Shakespeare Couldn't Write Like Me πŸ₯š
T00053 | Anorexicana πŸ₯š
T00054 | Of the Sun πŸ₯šSALE!
T00055 | The Non-Orange Orangutan πŸ₯š
T00056 | Sex Tile Toy Fight πŸ₯š
T00057 | Global Energy πŸ₯š
T00058 | Chat Action Masks πŸ₯š
T00059 | And When Your 3rd Wife Gets Cancer πŸ₯š
T00060 | Fatigue Science πŸ₯š
T00061 | The Last Reinvention πŸ₯š
T00062 | Fake Album #58πŸ₯š
T00063 | bloodpissπŸ₯šSALE!
T00064 | The Guy Who Invented Futura Was Sent to JailπŸ₯š
T00065 | If Someone Were to Write Poetry On These Bathroom Walls, Everyone Would Know It Was MeπŸ₯š
T00066 | Demented Sea ShantiesπŸ₯š
T00067 | fozi-3πŸ₯š
T00068 | The We're Not RevolutionπŸ₯š
T00069 | Bepio: MentalityπŸ₯š
T00070 | JerpπŸ₯š
T00071 | American Liez & LaisersπŸ₯š
T00072 | MyπŸ₯š
T00073 | My 2πŸ₯š
T00074 | Deathlessness in DeathπŸ₯š
T00075 | Giggles of Hurting YouπŸ₯š
T00076 | Merkin πŸ₯šSALE!
T00077 | OBAMALBUMπŸ₯š
T00078 | Superamerica and Other S̶o̶n̶g̶s̶ BoatsπŸ₯š
T00079 | CamπŸ₯š
T00080 | Toga Burn (Texan Themes)πŸ₯š
T00081 | Panda Man RisingπŸ₯š
T00082 | Leap Day JesusπŸ₯šSALE!
T00083 | Terceira IslandπŸ₯š
T00084 | PhilogynyπŸ₯šSALE!
T00085 | The Depression of ReticenceπŸ₯š
T00086 | Silk ElkπŸ₯š
T00087 | There's Trouble, I SwearπŸ₯š
T00088 | There's Trouble, I Swear 2πŸ₯š
T00089 | Toe Box: Silk Elk 2πŸ₯š
T00090 | Notorious EyesπŸ₯š
T00091 | For Crying, Out Loud: Happy? None Too ManyπŸ₯š
T00092 | Gallery Troubadours BegottenπŸ₯šSALE!
T00093 | Twinkling GigglesπŸ₯š
T00094 | Irsatz FrogπŸ₯š
T00095 | New Bologna Hide-Out BluesπŸ₯šSALE!
T00096 | Shiny CancerπŸ₯š
T00097 | Solar FlexingπŸ₯š
T00098 | The PaterπŸ₯š
T00099 | Carpe DupemπŸ₯š
T00100 | I Don't Have Anything Left to GiveπŸ₯šSALE!
T00101 | Ambient DomesticatπŸ₯š
T00102 | Concrete PenisπŸ₯š
T00103 | Diabolic Urethra Snatchers (Two)πŸ₯š
T00104 | Puns & Then Some Other Songs That Are Not Puns But Still FunπŸ₯š
T00105 | KeepersπŸ₯š
T00106 | The Age of LomosπŸ₯š SALE!
T00107 | Flake StateπŸ₯š
T00108 | Kiff Zipple's BluesπŸ₯š
T00109 | True FunπŸ₯š
T00110 | You Know Why the Water Hurts You?πŸ₯š
T00111 | Liver ForgiverπŸ₯š
T00112 | Laps Around Your MindπŸ₯š
T00113 | Sleep Eater Egg FaceπŸ₯š
T00114 | Nine-LinersπŸ₯š SALE!
T00115 | Bucket of LoveπŸ₯š
T00116 | Cut Them Off!πŸ₯š
T00117 | Digital DogπŸ₯š
T00118 | Gorb RomπŸ₯š
T00119 | XptrvdhdhfjfjπŸ₯š
T00120 | Vivid Civix SektπŸ₯š
T00121 | Bold & EmptyπŸ₯š
T00122 | IfuminaoπŸ₯š
T00123 | I Don't Fucking CareπŸ₯š
T00124 | Local MotionπŸ₯š
T00125 | Classic PlasticsπŸ₯š
T00126 | PπŸ₯š
T00127 | GOGπŸ₯š SALE!
T00128 | The TransitionaryπŸ₯š
T00129 | url.jpegπŸ₯š
T00130 | The K-MartianπŸ₯š
T00131 | True ArtistπŸ₯š
T00132 | TmukπŸ₯š
T00133 | Too GoodπŸ₯š
T00134 | The Spit BibleπŸ₯š
T00135 | Words for RedπŸ₯š
T00136 | Recent Eccentrics of Notable Seed Are in Love with the Night But It's Not What They NeedπŸ₯š
T00137 | Region and LanguageπŸ₯š
T00138 | Stylization B4 PunctuationπŸ₯š
T00139 | LANDINGπŸ₯š SALE!
T00140 | Time and Time AgainπŸ₯š
T00141 | I'm No AssπŸ₯š
T00142 | The WhitesπŸ₯š
T00143 | A Small OutfitπŸ₯š
T00144 | Flambé 2πŸ₯š
T00146 | Seeing IsπŸ₯š
T00147 | muteπŸ₯š
T00148 | LocostasisπŸ₯š
T00149 | SupercopπŸ₯š
T00150 | Objectivists: Coma WebπŸ₯š
T00151 | MπŸ₯š
T00152 | 11 SecondsπŸ₯š
T00153 | Ε¦​ΰΈ’​Ρ‚​ΰΈ’​Π³​Ρ”​≈​M​Ξ±​Ξ·πŸ₯š
T00154 | Alone with the LasagnaπŸ₯š
T00155 | SpikeπŸ₯š
T00156 | ThereπŸ₯š
T00157 | This is MeπŸ₯š
T00158 | SolutionπŸ₯š
T00159 | 00000πŸ₯š
T00160 | PlumbersπŸ₯š
T00161 | Hands of GoddπŸ₯š
T00162 | LOVECITY 3DπŸ₯š
T00163 | TRUNKπŸ₯š
T00164 | The Djoggies TrilogyπŸ₯š