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WØLVLØV, of course... the noted german electro wolf therapy band. this is for @tacobell and all those dirtbags. the lawsuit is still pending. i didn't ask for raw meat because i didn't even ask for meat to begin with. shady stuff. shady stuff. to quote my good friend taco face, "it's not the raw meat that'll kill ya but the raw meat certainly isn't helping. before i deleted all the band's twitters and stuff i tried to get resolution via @-war (@-shitstorm). to no avail. Taco Face asked not to be (officially) credited on this ep fwiw. other themes explored on this release include, well, duh, wolf love. it wouldn't be a WØLVLØV record without that. also: religion. i'm not sure who this tyrone character is. i tried to ask WØLVLØV mastermind, hans blankenship but he said he was too busy taking a bath in cucumbers. "cucumber water," i said. "no a bathtub full of straight up cucumbers." seemed weird to be. but genius wants what the heart needs.