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ancient priests, new bibles, rotten taco meat... just a few of the topics ROLAND WHEATENHURST the brave explores on this delightful new ep. Roland––step-uncle of one vernon howl––is an interesting figure in the p.p. canon. And by that I mean he is *DYNO MITE* he loves nothing more than throwing on a fresh pair of jammies and reciting his favorite hymnal:

"Jesus Lamb of God, You take away the sins, Have mercy on us, and all of mankind, Jesus Lamb of God, You take away the sins, Have mercy on us, and all of mankind, Lamb of God, You take away the sins, O grant us your peace, Your everlasting peace."

best known for his prank videos in which he pretends to be a priest walking a dog into various shops and malls where dogs aren't allowed, R.W. is certainly a man 'of the people' if not necessarily for them. This record was recorded in spain and produced by the nba's very own ricky rubio. although, during the recording ricky insisted on being called "Ricky Studio" for some reason (see image »).

= in the prank vids, he would tell the business owners/managers that the dog is a service dog, in the service of the lord. then he would start to pray and he would do a mock sacrifice of the dog involving cutting a prosthetic blood sack near the dog's collar. fake blood would go everywhere and hilarity would ensue.