Headlines? Deadlines? Lifelines? Landlines? Smilelines? Timelines? Parallellines? Crookedlines? Linelines??? This a'Space is for a'Sale for a' the advertisements! is what I am a'Trying to Say! Inquire within, early and often... 💨🤢
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emale, is just one person, a male person, a pale merson (a white human man). he likes to stylize that shit as əmale––shoutout to SS labelmate, schwa? perhaps––and why not? that's as cool as doing anything else.

ever since ə was a baby man-boy (child) he has been fascinated by plane crashes. he has survived three of them himself (and one hijacking). his uncle was one of the geese that took down sully sullenberger. and he once made a bird suit that was so realistic he successfully mated with an ostrich and now he has a ℬird - son that resents him like crazy! (and poops white poop all over his car taboot!) not bad for a 21 year old coed, currently wrapping up his junior year as the punter for arizona state university. this entire website is a cry for help. help.