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Aunt Jackonoff


This banger marks the debut for our latest Pizza Pup, a hot new band straight outta NJ, AUNT JACKONOFF, which is such a good band/artist name, we almost had to kibosh on it for a variety of reasons. Chief among them: No Dis-Respect to the big guy and what have you! Suffice to say, this self-titled LP––the final, thrilling entry in the "The Lost Year" Trilogy––will not be the last you hear from A.J. 😎 Listen/Download below...
♫ TRACKLIST – 21 TRACKS (36:00)
1. Some Songs You Just Can't Sing 02:58
2. (Don't Catch Me) Dancing with My Antlers On 01:10
3. Hang the Doldrums 01:57
4. Vicious Praxis 02:43
5. Energy of a Flea 01:01
6.Alive in the Lasagna 01:15
7. Sleep Well in the Bask of the Traffic Light 02:03
8. Grief in Pieces 01:48
9. How Forever Warps the Brain 04:02
10. Bridge You Didn't Realize You Were Crossing 01:30
11. Post-Punk Pangea 00:53
12. A Thereafter Airborne Hysterical 02:00
13. Egg Fog 01:52
14. You Can't Touch a Horse 01:02
15. I Love Setting Churches on Fire 01:06
16. Suicide by Dog 01:51
17. Timid Vet 01:16
18. Holy Moses, Molly and Jean (How Do You Keep Your VCR So Clean?) 00:26
19. Something Evil 00:49
20. The Unconscious Conflict 01:35
21. Dwarf Destiny 02:43