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On Id


Oh look, another album! This one feels like the first (at least somehwat) thought-out collection of songs in a good while, maybe since Jazz for Millenials. Even if there was a year (~) gap in between recording the first and second half of the record. It's fine. A totally unessential entry in every way that you absolutely 100% need to hear right away. Now with 100% more published lyrics below!

♫ TRACKLIST – 23 TRACKS (54:48)
1. Dog Did Die 02:53
2. U for the Duration 01:10
3. The Grass is Always Grass 03:01
4. Cryogenically Frozen Broken Men 00:17
5. Heart Hog 01:20
6. Death & Wealth 01:43
7. Boardroom Behavior 02:24
8. Oh Totally, Sure 01:49
9. I'm Lucky (in Pennsyltucky) 01:38
10. (Prelude to NFPF) 00:42
11. Not-for-Profit Fatshaming 02:49
12. Buckling Mug 01:45
13. Xi is Me is Every Person You Can See 02:23
14. Drone in a Hotel Room 01:43
15. Hovel 00:44
16. On the Air at Yoshi in Woodbridge 01:30
17. Parroting America 06:46
18. The Dangerous Illuminated 03:14
19. Dog Cattle 02:07
20. Light Your Eyes with the Love of Me 01:28
21. Modular Straights 02:00
22. Store Brand Scorpions (Plastic Bae) 02:50
23. Building an Uninhabitable Space 08:32

1--Dog Did Die

Eating macaroni then my dog did die

(18 more things)...then my dog did die

2--U for the Duration


3--The Grass is Always Grass

I was lacking pasta in the pasture

and had a fridge full of bird flu

The grass is always grass, Belinda

Believe me, it's not you

Wanda cannot mask her pain

oh she tries she tries she tries

Her pain is my pain too, you know

and no tears are worth the cry

The summer of the unreal stole

my will to carb-load love

Sharon canceled Valentine's day

You think OJ still has that glove?

I feel the flesh a cooking

Inside nostrils born apart

Unearth an edging apathy

Chef Alyssa only cooks with farts

4--Cryogenically Frozen Broken Men

Cryogenically frozen broken men

Make up the roster for the sports team... again

5--Heart Hog

You are a heart hog

You're so darn cute

I love you so much cuz you...

6--Death & Wealth


7--Boardroom Behavior

Slinging monkey fetuses across the grand boardroom

Nothing that we haven't seen from these gentlemen

Chad stuck Charles with a syringe containing a disease

The CIO laughed at that one and then he slit his throat

Corporate dog piss is served in ornate plastic bottles

To the lucky overachievers who survived the cuts

They pour it over each other's head in a ritual dance

And they sacrifice Gerald for wearing khaki pants, poor Gerald

8--Oh Totally, Sure

Oh totally, sure

9--I'm Lucky (in Pennsyltucky)

Moving right along

There's bologna in this song

If your sherpa is a twerp

You're in luck, you stupid jerk

The kaleidoscope popes

really had 'em on the ropes

And the unicorn shortage

was a lark, you piece of garbage

I'm feeling very lucky

Here in lovely Pennsyltucky

made-up place, derogatory

but never ever foggy

10--(Prelude to NFPF)


11--Not-for-Profit Fatshaming

My issues these days revolve around

really not being sure

If a thought that pops into my mind

is a song or just impure

Lyrics wanting some attention

Like sonic dissolution, 

Not-for-Profit fatshaming

Yea that sounds like more pollution

But the ringing gamble wiggles out

from underneath the rug

Sitting on my face I can't decipher

If it's snug

The water in this city 

is polluted so they say

And the water in the ponds

is turning all of the frogs gay

Phelicia is a criminal

Crimes are what she loves

At auction with her grandmother

She bid on OJ's glove

She hung the glove in her apartment

gave it pri•mo real

estate above the mantle

she thought it'd seal the deal

of winning her a suitor

a boy to pay the bills

someone on the weekends

she could out with and kill

People from all sects

Serialize that shit

But you can't get far in that depart

they've figured out that grift 

12--Buckling Mug

Do I look any different to you 

Gone is my buckling mug

I've started meditation

Now I'm all warm rays and smug

I've contemplated the life of a coin

and I can be both weird and warm

I can dissect an animal's brain

and feel the light source from within

13--Xi is Me is Every Person You Can See

Xi is Me is Every Person You Can See

14--Drone in a Hotel Room

The history of altruism

All tied up in a bow

A drone in a hotel room

Only so many places it can go

My hyper anxiety diligence

Thrilling most with a scoff

If a drone flies in your throat

It makes it hard to cough 


I sometimes wish I lived in a hovel 

But it was nice and dry 

I watched it turn from day to dusk

Then dusk to night, but why     

16--On the Air at Yoshi in Woodbridge

Broadcasting my podcast from a local sushi joint

Sure I'm in the bathroom and there doesn't seem to be a point

Croutons or shoeshines, I haven't earned a dime

Since at least the first six months of 1999

Tasering Japanese maples outside the one-pump station

As I cram a bunch of knowledge into the mind that never forgave him

The next wave inferior chafing proves insufficient at best

For the audio content wars, it's best just to confess 

17--Parroting America 

They sold gender fluid baked goods

At the memorial day parade

And some unruly livestock

Got handsy with a grenade

If you've never seen an old man cry

Have you really ever palmed a glyph

When we're parroting America

We're handcuffed to Ruby Ridge


There's a wet secular skyline

With fat casserole fangs

Double stuffed with rigatoni

And that rig's been cubed with lamb


So sweep up all the body parts

Strewn like rain out on Main (Main Street)

Then try to parrot America, you maniac

An obese bullet dulls the pain   


18--The Dangerous Illuminated

I am me a house

I need to wear a hat

To stop my fingers from

Digging out the hole

The skylight or abyss

From underneath a deck

It's still part of the home

The whatever will you call it

Underneath your fingernails

Stinging in the abstract

Indeterminate pain

The dangerous illuminated

when it spreads to the face

A disease if you please

For everyone to see

But especially me

19--Dog Cattle 

I want to write songs so heartbreaking

With no real world trauma in the bank 

I want to steal every creation 

To bribe the dog cattle up the ranks 

I guess in this world the cows the shepherd

And they have switched size of body as well

Little miniature steer doing just that my dear

And still I search for a sadness I can sell 

20--Light Your Eyes with the Love of Me

Light your eyes with the love of me 

A wedding of Marys

I'll be marvelous one day

A natural princess with wings

That are totally my style

But when they get too tight

I'll make a deal with the devil himself for new wings

21--Modular Straits

I call my dog goombah and it's not a racist thing

but the razorblades on my boots are an entirely different story

The land of the frauds and the home of the fakes

I'd rather spend my time slinging shit upon the modular straits

Nude tutelage in the scriptures of red moss is

Encrypting zealot software with the latest ethnic slurs

I'm an ableist, I am able to do anything

I can talk, I can argue, I can complain and I can sing

I can't sing

22--Store Brand Scorpions (Plastic Bae)

My mind tingles when I buy (buy buy)

My mind tingles when I buy (buy buy)

Saw a rat alive inside the nude bog

Didn't purchase anything and yet

A smile lived upon that rodent's face

Went to a barbecue and burnt my eyes

On all the shiny new accessories 

Jim said his grill was made of the finest lace 

My mind tingles when I buy (buy buy)

My mind tingles when I buy (buy buy)

In the night's nightmares there's a window

Had no right to fight fairly or square

The circular dementia of the day

All of the store brand scorpions are squirming

In the bag that I brought to the store

Cover my head in plastic, I'm their plastic bae

23--Building an Uninhabitable Space